Aug 20, 2009

that's how i celebrate it

kak sally~!
happy 25th birthday.

t hee. best x surprise malam semlm? XD

no cake. buat, a dozen of big apple donuts. yummy~!
with 3 pink candles and we sang.
we - me. mama. kema.

and we ate all the donuts + bee hun sup. dang~
yes~ we're turning ourself into... donuts~ haha.

2 months left b4 my 20th birthday.

my 17th birthday. was a blast. yeah. it means a lot. thank u my dearest D12~! i love u guys so much. and, it was back to my hostel life. to that, erm, old classic small town of kuala lipis. fasting month, and, exam week. grrr~ boleh plak sakit perut pagi2 tuh. 1st time sy kuar hall wkt exam sbb x tahan sgt sakit perut. uhuu... then sy demam jgk~ blk bilik, tidur. but, all my D12 members, doing their own things. and and, even some of them, were fighting. adehhh... tensi gue. sampai nangis sruh mereka berbaik cuz it was my birthday. be happy~ huhu. then then. malam nye... jeng jeng jeng. dgn mata bengkak, sy teman sherry ke BA. BA = bangunan akademik. all the class, office, Ko-op, n so on.

then. went back 2 hostel. and, weirdo~ where's all my babes? ade yg dkt BA. ade yg disappear dr ptg. and finally, there's syidaa. ok. di sini dia berlakon dgn baik & muka x blh blaaa.

"qilaaa. tlg aku... ade tikus dlm bilik tu... aku nak study."
sambil tgn pegang ridsect & tunjuk ke arah bilik kosong.

haaa? tikus? mane ade tikus dlm asrama ni.

"eh tak...lipas. lipas. tlg la weyh. aku takot"

pun masuklah dalam bilik tu. skali bukak je pintu, semua d12 ade, and and, mereka nyanyi happy brithday, and siap baling kertas warna - warni. full with balloons, foods, and there were 2 cakes. lalalala~ happy sgt. they were laughing when they told me the truth bout all the drama. sabar je la kan... sampai nangis2 tgk die org gadow siang tu. geram je~ haha. tp happy gle. seriously guys. thanks. jarang org buatkan surprise party... =]

18th birthday. nothing at all. it was 3rd day of hari raya. and, this time, we decided nak raya dkt srwk. beraya, sampai ptg. balik rumah, and mama & abah bz siap2 utk ke BBQ. mereka ada jamuan. so, sy tinggal di rumah. tepat jam 12am lepas tuh, tamat sudah birthday sy.

19th birthday. no cake and no celebration. just like the year b4. it was monday. and i've got lot of class, till night. it was malaysian studies on that night. and, tap~! tamat dah my birthday. that's all.

this year? i expect nothing.
since it's gonna b on tuesday.
and, nobody cares.

but guys, thanks 4 all the wishes.

and babe. u always make me feel special =]

i try my best 2 wish 'happy birthday' to those i care bout. yup. and i try my best 2 get a present too. i'll give it sooner or later. and if cant afford one, still i wanted them 2 feel appreciated. as for me, birthday is only once in a year. it's a day when u were born. and it also means, u're getting older and closer to death. i guess, we deserved to b happy on that day. to be blessed. hurmmm... happy birthday every1. happy belated n becoming birthday. may god blessed us. =]


ainaaamira. said...

dah nak 20 thn da qilah. hehe.
jln jeles sy mude sthun. :p

btw....sgt comel je 17th bday.

and...thanks sbb wish bday aku ri tu.
heeeee. :)

the petite princess said...

ha'ah qila...
shuweetttt giler yg 17th bday tuh....

err da lame na tye,
D12 tuh stand for what??


ra|nbOw said...

haha. ainaa. jeles woo. ko sgt3 untung sbb dpt maju sethn dr org2 sebaya ko =] ahah...welcome. hee.

teha. haahaha. mmg sweeeeetttt =] owh.kan bebdk 3rd intake kte dkt maktab kan ade 12 org, so geng qila kan time tu sume bdk2 3rd intake. jd la d12.

finaz. qila. sherry. naiya. syidaa. fatin. sohaila. keyna. yati. syuhi. yamin. yana. hehehehe...

Anonymous said...

befday i bulan 11 ni


afadhil.cyunus said...

Which Tuesday?
Dont worry, they will notice it even its Weekdays. Coz ur owez care about them, same goes as them..