Aug 18, 2009

average update

i have a lot of time to write. lot of simplest thing to be shared. but there's a time, when i looked back at all these few years and who i am now, i realize that my life is too average. very ordinary. i'm grateful enough to be me, with those around me, but, i want more. i wanna learn more. do more, experience more, try more, well at least once in a life time. ahah... i get jealous with those who travelled a lot, study abroad, beautiful in the inside n outside, speak english a lot way better than me, and etc. ahah... but yar, for sure, in a positive way. i'm not envy with those who r super super rich, or super duper pretty, cuz, there just tooooo many beautiful and rich, wealthy ppl now days. so, i just look at the other side of life. the quality of life. uhuurm...

owh yar, well yesterday, i was waiting for my result like the whole day. but, hampeh la kan... result x keluar lg semlm. idk bout 2day or 2morrow yet. we'll b in4med later. but i've got my 6th sem schedule already. ahah...basically, all subjects - outdoor and and it's time to shoot, and shoot and shoot again. gaaa~ fasting month would b tiring then. ahah... ok, most of the class, straight from 9am-5pm. owh yeah~ owh yeah~ haha. so, team work is important for this sem. this time, i guess it's gonna be a video clip or perhaps a short drama? cett. yo yo o0 je. and, class will start by next week. sorry la, sy da lari blk kuching da~ ahah... owh yar, btw, kte semua puasa start 22nd august. abah told me. yup, da call istana~ kalo x btol, slhkan istana! haha.

and i guess i've to stop playing barn buddy la? yer laaa. nnt kene curik semua tanaman. haha. owh ye, dlu x skeee nak mencuri tanaman org lain. da geram slalu kene curik, curik la blk. haha. =P and fyi, my internet connection, here in this ground floor apartment, is... should i say, slow? no no no. slowest ever!!! yarrr!!! sgt3 slow. ya rabbi. owh, ble siang, sampai ptg ok. mlm la mmg suffering gle. imagine this. dr kul 8pm-12am dpn lappy, on9, baru log in blog / facebook je, then if click dkt any button lain, such as nak comment ke kan, mmg trus, 'page not available' bapakkk ah tension~! ni da start class, camne nak buat assignment? grrr... yar, i realize that happened cuz of our house location. if g tmpt lain yg signal bnyk, mmg ok je. and it worse ble baru lepas hujan. pernah je sbb da x larat try for few hours, ttp laptop n nangis sbb leteyh sgt~!!! T_T

last night, dpt jgk keluar rumah and and minum caramel cream~ starbuck. gleee suffer la lame x kuar umah. tp, caramel cream tu cam extra creamy la plak. x kesah la. and and, mkn skittt je skrng tp still badan naik. sbb x kuar umah la ni. buat keje umah pon cam x de pape pon. mop lantai, sapu umah, basuh kain, angkt kain, jemur kain, ambil air mineral bertong - tong, gi beli surat khabar, erm. bnyk jgkla. still same. gaaaaaa~~~ ble nak kurus ni? putus cinta dlu pon mkn same je. demam / sakit pon mkn same je. except time sakit telinga. mmg kurus ah. sakit seyh sakit telinga... btw. pengumuman rakan2 sekalian. maxis sy tuh da overlimit. maaf bebnyk kalo x reply msg / call cuz anytime je akan kene block. aiseyh~ every 2oth of the month, baru autobill tu gerak and ambil mase jgk. dlm 23/24 hb baru blh gune blk. camtu la slalunye~

tu je kot buat mase ni. tgh pk nak bagi 7 ekor kittens dkt srwk tu name ape. yerr, sbb hari tu x smpt bg name pon lg. haha. well let see, what bout Jojo, Bobo, Dodo, Coco, Popo, Soso, Yoyo? haha. ni namenye mls nak berpk pnjng2 dah. sekian XD


ainaaamira. said...

qilah. qilah!
maxis aku pon da overlimit.
aku pakai celcom je for this month.

ra|nbOw said...

wahahah. ye ke? maxis mahal owh. tp...ramai bdk2 mude cam kte pakai maxis. kalo x lame da aku stick p celcom T_T

-azwanbakhtiar- said...

la. takkan la xda yg nama poyo kot.

nway aku xda pon nombor hg. wakaka

ra|nbOw said...

poyo? hahahaha. gedik laaa mu nih. kasi hg pnye kucim la name poyo. haha. XD

la petite étoile said...

xyah kurus.. ok dah tue :D

ra|nbOw said...

wahaha. aiman. gemuk gleee da. baju sume da x muat. uhuu~ ={

athirah hanafiah said...

make sure yg nama popo tu bg kat yg paling comel. hahaha
sbb mcm comey jer nama popo tu kan.. weeee~ hehe

ra|nbOw said...

hahahha. ok ok nnt kte tgk sekor2~!!! tp nak kumpul die org setmpt mmg ssh ar. wawawawa.

Anonymous said...

nak kurus?

jangan minum ayaq ais atau ayaaq yang bergula

minum ayaq masak ja


insya-Allah nanti akan rasa kekurusan itu