Jul 28, 2009

aqilah's system down

finally. i've got this.
thanks to u 4 the surprised.

i know i acted weird these several days. i don't even know y. i felt, horrible all the time.
the days went smooth. but, me myself is feeling... horrible. yup.
i eat when i feel like i have to, not when i want to. most of the time.
i had my as-if-breakfast-lunch in the evening around 5-6pm. ahah.
and then... owh. here's a few symptoms. all dr-2-b out there, plz act like u're Dr. house~

  1. get pissed off easily! as easy as A-B-C. very3 impatient.
  2. kencing tak lawas. what da?
  3. i felt tired + exhausted all the time.
  4. lazy. like totally lazy. nak mkn pon mls. ape ce?
  5. and then i felt sorry towards every1 arounds me 4 my bad attitude.

my horoscope yesterday. no no, it's not that i believe in this. just. take a look

"u r likely 2 distance urself from others now, feeling the need 2 withdraw n reflect. ur thoughts r inclined 2 b heavy n pessimistic at this time, so it would b good 2 realize that u're only seeing part of the pict. this can also b a time of leaving, seperating from relationships n choosing a new way"

and a close friends of mine, sent a sms at 05:17am;

"qila. luv u. juz misz our memories 2gether." and so on......

i dont even realize she's the 5th / 9th / 17the person who said i'm different.

i'm just the same. no worries. i miss u guys too. and i'm really sorry. i'll be okay.

btw. yesterday. i've got my tickets to kuching. it would be on 5th august - 10th august. owh i'm going alone 1st. mama will be going to kuching around 7/8th august. i'll be sitting alone at kuching then... eh no3. i've to take care of abah. err. will i? he would be the one who's taking care of me. hahahahaha... owh abah. i'm sorry 4 making u sad 2 days ago too. i didn't mean it. i'm sorry. and i really3 can't wait to play with my new kittens!!! yeshhhhhhhhh... i'll show u my house later. then i'll be back to kl on...10th august. hu-ha-hu-ha 4 a while in kl & i'll be flying again around 17-20th august. owh yup, kuching again. haha...

u know what would be the 1st thing i'll do when i sat in the plane? i would turn on my mp3, and sleeeeepppppppppppppp. haha. and most of the time, i'll only wake up when i heard an annoucement "kita akan mendarat di lapangan terbang antarabangsa kuching sarawak sebentar lagi. sila pastikan anda memakai tali pinggang keledar & bla bla bla" owh. dah sampai~ haha XD eh u know what. it's tiring okay... u've to wake up early, packed ur stuff, went to the airport, check -in, boarding, and then when u arrived to ur destination, u've to wait 4 ur luggage, immigration, and finally. baru kuar dr airport~ wahaha... penat!

well. that's all for now. =]


-azwanbakhtiar- said...

kau mengalami sindrom 'cuti tapi tak reti nak rilek'.

chase. start her on antidepresant. haha

ra|nbOw said...

hahahhahahaha. azwan. u got me the medicine. LAUGH.

laugh - always be the best medicine.

cheywahhhh. hahahaah XD

-azwanbakhtiar- said...

apa lg. cepat la bayar upah oi. do u think i'm free?

[e.i.y.k.a.a] said...

ms kecik2 dl sgt eksaited bile kate nk naek plane.

since dah dok jkrta nih, rs nyampah gle ms nk naek plane.

bosan + lama + penat + pening + mcm2 bnde nk kene buat + mcm2 bnde penting nk kene pegang n jage bebaek.


tp bile pk nk balek msia, tuh yg jd sronok. hehe. ;) ms nk blk cni jd x bes la.

ainaaamira. said...

breaking dawn!
da berzaman aku bli tp x smpat bce lg coz i'm so slow in reading novel.
skrg ni br sparuh new moon kot.
gile lambat.

ra|nbOw said...

azwan. haha. kate kawan. ececece. dan2 gune ayat tuh. haha.

ika. ngeh3...taw x pe. excited gle dulu. hee. yup. ble duk jauh2 camtuh sure excited nak blk umah =]

ainaa. haha. aku pom x abis lg twilight 1st kot. wakakakakka errr. cuti pon x terbace lg. hua3.

ayong said...

qila, kte kne jmpe, tp b4 i sehat la dr dmm ni ok?

ra|nbOw said...

haha. ape plak b4 u sehat. lepas u sehat la dear! XD

Anonymous said...

heheh syndrom bila nora berjauhan dengan dia


ra|nbOw said...

hahahaha. x pe. waras lg. ngeh3... =]