Jul 31, 2009

twenty years, two girlfriends.

29th july 2009

it's our 1st date *wink wink*. i mean, since finaz blk dr russia, our 1st date utk jln2.
owhhh. sgt seronok. sampai2 i mmg attack MPH dlu. MPH member's sale!
dkt situ pon stuck bout an hour. sbb ade dlm 4-5 books yg rase cam nakkk sgt3!!!
but 4 sure la x ckup duit plak nnt kan. then i decided to take this book.
it was the last book i saw & terus rase nak ambik. there goes my 60++~

and...after that mmg round2 je. mls nak tgk movie since da x de cerita best sgt. we went to... topshop, sasa, watsons, ms. read, JJ, guess, and many other places and plg x leh bla time survey perfume la kan. finaz is totally falling in love with my chanel - chance. and we were like, looking over all places utk survey perfume2. tester x yah ckplah... mmg bnyk sgt. owh yar, perasan x, mostly workers dkt counter2 make up cam high class skit such as CD, La Mer, Chanel, DKNY, majority semua berlagak cam sombonk2. pilih customer nak layan. this is based on pengalaman n pemerhatian sdiri. majoriti camnih la. but yg friendly, mmg best~!!! but, tah pape je... kalo pk blk la kan, kalo die org nak pndng hina dkt customer yg nmpk biase2 je kan, pk la. customer pon leh pndng hina dkt die org yg kerja setakat layan org tuh. haih~

then. cam da ptg2 skit, makan!!! secret recipe. owhhh. lame gile teringin nak mkn cake die kot! ahah... yup. teringt dkt BH~ we took bout an hour. then jln2 lg. then last b4 blk, mkn choc sundae from Mc D with auntie anne's. then, balikkk... but mmg best. cam, the whole day just jln survey all the things n shop. OMG. seriously bnykkk sgt baju, kasut, semuaaa like lawa2. i guess if i've got 1million cash, blh habis kot 1 hari d mid valley tuh. seriously. insya allah habis. and yar, i'm happy spending my time with her. thanks babe. thanks 4 trying ur best 2 make sure that i'm really ok. beta akan jauhkan diri dr kemurungan~ hukkk.

finaz & me

30th july 2009

sejak beberapa hari ni, mcm da jd adat. lepas subuh, tak terus tidur balik.
bgn, tgk barn buddy [kebun d fb]. seawal mane pun bgn, mesti ade je org curi. tension~
mama selalu ckp. hidup sy dah bahaya. sbb dikawal oleh internet. haha.
dlm pukul 8am, sy tdow blk. sampai 9:30am. mandi, siap2, gi klinik dlu. mama demam.
jmpe dr mariam~! rindu dr! owhhh. dr ckp lame x nmpk muke sy. ok la tu.
tande sy sehat... alang2 tuh. sy check air kencing jgk. sbb kencing x lawas tuh~
alhamdulilah semua ok. ingt nak borak2 n gelak2 lg. tp ramai pesakit lain...
then. drive-thru mc d. akhirnya, double cheeseburger. lame kempunan~
brunch dlm kereta. then mama hantar ke LRT.

all the way to KL central, it took me bout 20mins if i'm not mistaken.
and i saw this guy... not so tall, & yet, not shorter than me. it reminds me of him.
with her semi-formal dress code, a kinokuniya bookstore plastic bag, his calm face...
owh yup, he walked-in the train from KLCC. i just looked at him 4 a moment.
then, i just looked out of the window, as i usual did. and suddenly, he's standing in front of me.
i don't know. i felt, ermmmmmmm... safe. and, both stopped at KL Central.
then i continued my way to mid valley. waiting for KTM, would be the bored thing ever.
owh yup. i went there to meet my dearest friend from melawati, ili athirah.
it's been 5 years. wahahahaha...crazy~
then. ili got a few prob with her iphone n transport. so, i went to the ATM. n jeng3...
finally i bought that cardigan yg sampai tdow pun termimpi2 kan. ahah~
and i went to nose as well...there goes my money flying without wings~
and and. i've tried my best to avoid myself from entering MPH, studio R, Body shop.
it's hard. yes it is very hard. btw. few minutes later, i met ili. and, went to metrojaya.
and, we ate gelato fruity ice cream~! delicious... it remind me of him. again.
it was 5pm when we're heading to KLCC. owh...iphone ili berjaye dselamatkan.
so, we decided to duduk2 dkt taman2 air pancut tuh. ramai btol couple merendek~

me & ili.

both of them were asking me a same question.

d mane sy beli selendang sy? ngeh3... nah nah nah. carik!!! XD




and tak lupe...nak promote butik shawl cik iqah~! hee. =]


not 2 4get, sy akan blk ke kuching, sarawak agak awal. which is...tomorrow night. idk, somehow kene cepatkan. so, x dpt nak keluar dah. kene cancel plan. ahah...tak packing lg. esok tgh hari la. haha. my flight would be around 10pm, kot? kot la. but lepas maghrib da gerak ke KLIA. so... i'll be away [insya allah... ] from 31st july - 5th august. nobody gonna miss me instead. owh barn buddy... sape curik, mmg nak lepok2 je. haha. farm ville, ladangku~! and plg penting... LOLA syg busyuk. i'm gonna miss u bby. i guess this is the 1st time kot i'll b away from u. lola pandai2 cari mkn taw? sruh sape2 mandikan... happy2 menari, kiss, gadow, tgk tv, hug, buat lawak dgn kwn2 pet yg lain taw? erm. yup. i wouldn't bring my lappy n broadband. i'm too lazy 4 that. but if... IF tibe2 on9 kejap dkt fb tuh, mama la tuh yg rajin bwk. hahahahahah...

so. till then. take care ppl. be selfish. well i mean, in a positive way la kan. life goes on~

Jul 28, 2009

aqilah's system down

finally. i've got this.
thanks to u 4 the surprised.

i know i acted weird these several days. i don't even know y. i felt, horrible all the time.
the days went smooth. but, me myself is feeling... horrible. yup.
i eat when i feel like i have to, not when i want to. most of the time.
i had my as-if-breakfast-lunch in the evening around 5-6pm. ahah.
and then... owh. here's a few symptoms. all dr-2-b out there, plz act like u're Dr. house~

  1. get pissed off easily! as easy as A-B-C. very3 impatient.
  2. kencing tak lawas. what da?
  3. i felt tired + exhausted all the time.
  4. lazy. like totally lazy. nak mkn pon mls. ape ce?
  5. and then i felt sorry towards every1 arounds me 4 my bad attitude.

my horoscope yesterday. no no, it's not that i believe in this. just. take a look

"u r likely 2 distance urself from others now, feeling the need 2 withdraw n reflect. ur thoughts r inclined 2 b heavy n pessimistic at this time, so it would b good 2 realize that u're only seeing part of the pict. this can also b a time of leaving, seperating from relationships n choosing a new way"

and a close friends of mine, sent a sms at 05:17am;

"qila. luv u. juz misz our memories 2gether." and so on......

i dont even realize she's the 5th / 9th / 17the person who said i'm different.

i'm just the same. no worries. i miss u guys too. and i'm really sorry. i'll be okay.

btw. yesterday. i've got my tickets to kuching. it would be on 5th august - 10th august. owh i'm going alone 1st. mama will be going to kuching around 7/8th august. i'll be sitting alone at kuching then... eh no3. i've to take care of abah. err. will i? he would be the one who's taking care of me. hahahahaha... owh abah. i'm sorry 4 making u sad 2 days ago too. i didn't mean it. i'm sorry. and i really3 can't wait to play with my new kittens!!! yeshhhhhhhhh... i'll show u my house later. then i'll be back to kl on...10th august. hu-ha-hu-ha 4 a while in kl & i'll be flying again around 17-20th august. owh yup, kuching again. haha...

u know what would be the 1st thing i'll do when i sat in the plane? i would turn on my mp3, and sleeeeepppppppppppppp. haha. and most of the time, i'll only wake up when i heard an annoucement "kita akan mendarat di lapangan terbang antarabangsa kuching sarawak sebentar lagi. sila pastikan anda memakai tali pinggang keledar & bla bla bla" owh. dah sampai~ haha XD eh u know what. it's tiring okay... u've to wake up early, packed ur stuff, went to the airport, check -in, boarding, and then when u arrived to ur destination, u've to wait 4 ur luggage, immigration, and finally. baru kuar dr airport~ wahaha... penat!

well. that's all for now. =]

Jul 26, 2009

break a way

what i've done these past few days? 24th, 25th & 26th july 2009.


jmpe TTM. 1st time tgk die pakai bju melayu.
mlm? nothing much. i slept early.
and sent few msg to those i love...
u know who u r. aite ppl(s)? =]
then i sleep alone. in the dark room.
listening to the fray. and pink as well.
with sorrow, i fell asleep.


bgn awal. setelah sekian lame, pergi jln kaki ke pasar tani.
it's been a while act. ptg, mama blk dr UPSI. lepas asar, jln.
went to masjid jamek-jln tar. owhhh...ramai org. and.
gagal. duit habis jgk. owh tewas~ rm100 ++. wuwuwu. T_T
1st time x on9 24 jam langsung2. hampir gile. ahah~


bgn. on9 fb jap. tu je. breakfast manggis. lunch m&m.

obviously i'm not ok. aite? theyyy said so. entah. penat.
mentally. but. life must goes on. pushhh pushhh pushhh.
no need to tell every1 that u're not ok. they're not ok too.
they just pretend, to be ok. cuz they know. they've too.
then aqilah. let the time passed by.
i looked at my hp. contacts. 1 by 1.
and owh, i've almost done from a-z. i don't know.
who to turns to. to call. to sms. to share. to cry with.
it's not that i don't have any friends. i've a lot.
just. each of them. don't know the real me.
cuz i didn't let them 2 know me 100%.
it makes me realize, i just need ALLAH all the way down.
owhhh. i've the dark past side of me. i'm such an evil.
i did a lot of mistakes. and i watched 'nur kasih' accidentally.
and yesss. meremang bulu roma. grrrrrr~ and it makes me sad.
being pathetic as aqilah amin, is act horrible. i'm not that special.
i, am dirty. and...ishhh. da tataw nak gune perkataan plg seswai da.
i know. past is past. let go. never look back. but sometimes.
we've to look back. do not repeat the same mistake again. but. i did.
i'm happy 4 others. 4 those who's happy. yes i am.
but i'm wating 4 my turn to. u know...it's like...
i'm having a good ordinary day these past few weeks.
no problems at all. but there's something missing.
i guess, it is the true nur[light] that i haven't discover yet...
each of my friends. including u guys, who's reading, have their own matters.
that obviously 1 of my main reason to, not to share any bad news / feelings.
i've to stand on my own. yes i'm. while i was being gloomy alone, i was thinking.
"well aqilah. u're showing the world that u're independent. at least.
u're not that totally-pampered anak tunggal"
yes yes yes. i'm proud bout that. cuz i realize. with all the ppl arounds me.
i've seen that, i'm LOTTT more stronger & independent than half of the ppl around me.
and these past few days. i've been thinking bout a lot & a lottt of things.
bout my past, my attitude, my future, and. erm. so much things.
and it's hard to describe. well. let say, here's a few lesson learned.
based on others, cased & i heard bout it. and, this is just on opinion.

1 - kalau seorg lelaki tu betul2 baik, mcm mane pon die minat / syg dgn seorg perempuan yg dah jd milik org lain [gf org lain] contohnye, die tak akan kacau perempuan tuh. sbb die taw perempuan tuh milik org lain. die akan tnggu je, & mungkin akan luahkan perasaan die tp still die tak akan kacau lebeyh2 sbb die taw, die kene hormat hak org lain. tp, kalau dah terang2 awk tuh gf org, dan lelaki tuh kacau awk jgk, mmg dah terang2 la lelaki tuh sebenarnye x baik. tp...yg lg naik lemak. awk pun layan lelaki lain tuh sedangkan awk dah ade bf yg amat sgt baik. pd pendpt sy, ape kate awk yg mintak putus dgn bf awk tuh, sbb awk ckp, die tuh bkn baik sgt. org lain je rase bf awk baik. tuh awk ckp kan? ape kate... awk yg dah x syg die. awklah yg mintak putus dgn bf awk tuh. bf awk kan jahat? mungkin lelaki yg minat awk tuh lg baik n memahami awk dr bf awk. lepas tuh blh la awk bercinta terus dgn lelaki tuh. awk pun bahgie sbb baik same baik...

2 - sy tak pernah kisah pon awk ade bf. sy x berkenan sgt dgn bf awk tuh, yer la, sy sebagai kwn, mesti ambil berat jgk. tp sy x ckp bnyk, sbb awk pun bkn jenis blh terima pndpt org lain sgt. tp masih sy ambil berat ttg awk. sy nmpk...awk bkn nye slalu bahgie dgn die. lelaki mcm tuh? awk syg sgt? sdgkan ade lelaki lain yg syg awk dgn lebih jujur. sy tak pernah berpk bkn2 walaupun awk selalu keluar mlm dgn die sampai x blk rumah. sbb sy percaye dgn awk. sy yakinkan diri sy yg awk pandai jage diri. tp baru2 ni sy dpt taw, yg sebenarnye awk selame ni terlalu syg die sbb...awk dah serahkan segalanya. awk. mmg sy dgn awk berbeza. sy cuba tak mencarut wlpun marah, tp awk dah sebati dgn mencarut. tp sy x pernah kisah. sbb kte kwn...

tp. ble sy dpt taw awk da serahkan segala2 nya dkt die. mmg sy kecewa. mcm mane sy dpt taw awk x perlu taw, tp itu bukti yg mmg sgt jelas. sy frust. baru sy perasan, duit belanja awk mmg selalu cpt habis. pdhal x nmpk ke mane pon hilang duit awk tuh. sy yakin. awk belanjekan utk die. awk! sy x kisahlah kalau lelaki tuh baik. hormat awk. sy taw, ade kekasih yg mmg syg same syg, jujur dan terlanjur. tp die awk? sy x yakin dgn die. dr dulu lg. ishhh... entahlah mcm mane sy nak tegur awk. sy takut. tp tlglah... sudahlah. ingt skit,ade lelaki yg syg awk dgn jujur walaupun dah tahu ttg awk yg sebenar. sampai skrng sy pk ttg awk walaupun kte x serapat mane dah.

entahlah. bnyk yg sy pk kan. bnyk aspek. sekecil2 hidup sy & org sekeliling.
dunia. globalisasi. and... idk. lot n lot. erm. i know.
it's a booorinnggg post. i just need some time. to sit back n think.
and think. think. think. but still, i'm okay ppl.
owhh... i'm going 2 srwk. t heee~ 5th-10th august. saje gedik.
then blk kl. 17th or 18th or 19th or 20th nnt, blk kuching lg. ahahahhaha...
skeee hati la nak ulang alik! haha XD
owhhh...cant wait to see my kittyyy2 kittens. yeah yeah!
owh yer. ade 1 baju plg cantik sy beli semlm kan...
x muat. waaaaaaaaaaaaa.
bkn la x muat. leh pakai. tp sumpah.
cam nangka busuk kene bungkus. ahah~
kalau kurang lg 5kg - 8kg, maybe nice sgt3.
tp...tah. kuat makan. ske hati la. perut happy. haha.
p/s; lola da ade bf. hahahahah....
tp...err. tataw la lola ade bf ke.
tuan lola yg ske dkt tuan bf die. wakaka XD

Jul 23, 2009

1st day of holiday

1st day of holiday! yes yes yes. finally. cettt... kuciwa jgk sebenarnye.
bebdk ipt lain semua da sem baru larh! org baru nak cuti plak...
skrng bebdk dr ovesea je ade bercuti jgk. tp majoriti jejauh meyh. uhuuu.
ape blh dkatekan ttg last paper audio, editing, mixing last wednesday?
ermmm... sshhhh amatttt sgtttt. serious. sampai terpk, camne kalo repeat?
n buat sesape yg leh score cara halal tu baguslah. good 4 u.
sape yg score care x halal tuh... pk2 la nnt. haih~ [berapiiii ...]

erm. semlm habis exam, lunch d mc d. mc value lunch weyh!!! jimat~ hee.
then, blk ptg, terusss main game sampai mlm. yer. sampai mlm.
tgk lola + kebun2 puas2 + sampai skt pinggang. ahah... erm. n semlm bnyk msg.
mlm da lain mcm je rase. leteyh semcm + bnyk bersin2... then.
da naik atas katil, but both maxis hp ditekan bergilir - gilir. reply msg.
i'm helping them. the girl, and the guy that i do really care.
act, those matter do affects me. think bout it almost all the time.
whatever it is b & a, think wisely, life goes on + plz b strong.
i do really care 4 both of u~! and hello~~~ i'm here. always~! =]

then 2day, i woke up erm...not so early-not so late. mandi2, siap2.
then bout 11am, gerak ambik salghee & again, we went to KLIA.
die nak blk tawau, sabah. so hantarkan... then. nak boarding n check in.
1st time weyh check in sendiri naik mas. kalo air asia biasela. cuz.
slalu dgn fmly je naik mas, so senanglah. then, td... cam terkial2 jgk la.
tp sume officer mas d counter, sume friendly2 lak. handsome2 lak tuh. hahaha
yer...salghee tegur sy blushing~ wahahah. obvious sgt gamaknye.
then settle down everything, masok sume kedai d airport. ahah... tahan je la.
tahan tgk chocssss + perfumessss + sumeee bnde pon cam best.
then bout 230pm, sampai umah. sleepy, amat. but x blh tdow. idk.

well... ramai jgk org da start tnye. nak buat ape cuti nih? erm.
cutiku x selame cuti kalian...dlm 3-4 weeks je. kot. soooo... nothing much.

  1. dgr lagu the fray + pink sampai jd apam... wahaha. semlm da try transfer sume lagu the fray n pink latest album dlm hp, 1st time plak memory card hp tuh nak full.
  2. nak habiskan sumeee english novel yg da beli berkepam tuh. haih~ remember buku six suspects yg khairi kasi bln march? plastic pon x bukak lg weyh!
  3. jmpeee lola + farm ville + barn buddy + sorority life. tp seriously, kene kurangkan addiction tuh. sbb asal duk umah je, jd mls nak buat bnde lain. parah tuh~!
  4. bln baik skrng nih... hurm. so. aqilah. cubeee la cuci hati + cuci diri + muhasabah diri benyk skittt. tahlah...kdg2 sedar buat salah, buat dose, but still... haih~
  5. since those few weeks cam sgt bz, so bilik cam sgt dusty. kene pakai topeng & buang sumeee habuk!!! kalo tak pakai topeng, mule la bersin je cam goofy da~
  6. and. tmbhkan ilmu... kekurangan pengetahuan am da rase. hua3...
  7. nak hang out with those yg masih ade + free
  8. nak blk srwk! nak nak nak!!!!!!! rnduuu gileeeeee... urghhh. nak jmpe 7 kittens tuh. x jmpe lg since die org d lahirkan. lgpon gg sakit... ={
  9. erm. tgklah camne... buatlah ape yg patot. ahah~

btw. hari tuh kan awal bln bnyk gle shopping on9 kan? sampai duit da x de.
so, 3 weeks after kene la jimat habis2 sbb ade skit je tinggal. i've bout 150. for 3 weeks.
imagine... hari tuh. dlm sehari org habiskan more than 150 camtuh je.
tp, org da berjaye jgk survive dgn 150 dlm 3 minggu nih! hahahahaha...
bangga habis weyh dgn diri sdiri! XD

and erm... nak bgtaw. bad habit jgk nih. baru jgkla. dlu x camnih...
tp, da lame kot camnih. da almost a year kot...
sy bkn jenis 24 hours dgn hp da. esp bile dkt umah / luar umah.
cammm... kalau dkt umah mmg slalu sgt3 sy silent hp, n letak merate.
so, mmg slalu la kan call x diangkt / sms x di reply. minta maaf awal2...
dulu. yer duluuuuu... sy mmg jenis 24j dgn hp. tp x da. kalo ade pon...
dgr lagu. seriously. no sy x kenal? lg haram la sy nak angkt call kan.
MALAS! harap maklum... so kalo sape2 gune no baru ke, sile bgtaw. haha.
kalo x...mmg sampai ble pon x dilayan. tp kdg2 angkt jgk. sbb takot ade emergency.
sorry btw 4 this, erm, bad attitude should i say. sorry again.

esok? erm. full suda rasenye. kot~ ahah...sabtu mama ajak g jln tar.
cam best. lame x gi. harap2 dpt la kawal nafsu shopping. amin~~~

btw. no1 fav song from faith hill - there u'll be
[the famous song from pearl harbor]

When I think back On these times
And the dreams We left behind
I'll be glad 'cause I was blessed to get
To have you in my life
When I look back On these days
I'll look and see your face
You were right there for me

In my dreams I'll always see you soar Above the sky
In my heart There will always be a place
For you for all my life
I'll keep a part Of you with me
And everywhere I am There you'll be
And everywhere I am There you'll be

Well you showed me How it feels
To feel the sky Within my reach
And I always Will remember all
The strength you Gave to me
Your love made me Make it through
Oh, I owe so much to you
You were right there for me

'Cause I always saw in you My light, my strength
And I want to thank you Now for all the ways
You were right there for me
You were right there for me
For always

Jul 21, 2009

abah, tata 4 now

20th july 2009. monday.

did a lot of things. and last night, went to klia. hurm...
abah nak blk srwk da. it's our normal fmly routine. jrng jmpe...
abah ade keje, abah blk la kl. da almost a year da rupenye.
abah. cpt la pindah kl. sdeyh la abah jauh. ={

KLIA. airport. i might love / hate this place.
hate it - pisahkan kte dgn org2 tersyg!!!
love it - temukan kembali dgn org2 tersyg +
lots of chocs!!! XD

tnggu abah check in. mama sdeyh sebenarnye...
hurm. me too.

owh, dlm lif lutsinar. haha... transparent suda~
nak trun beli roti gardenia jap.
di srwk x de roti gardenia taw? saje beli.
abah slalu kasi jiran2 kalau blk dr kl.

abah nak masuk daa... hurm. besar da anak abah ni~
baju tuh beli on9! hahahaha XD


erm. their last hug... mama cover tuh senyum2.
pdhal die nangis baru je jap. hukkk...
nnt jmpe lg... insya allah. amin3!!!

goodbye abah. take care.
hope to see u soon. love u so much~!


life ni... pelik jgk kan?
too many connection between each other act. huh~
gile. mmg cam best. tp kdng pk. errr~~~
bnyknye connection. shhh3!!!
x de stranger plak ke? wahaha. ok. sekian.

and. my no1 fav song from the corrs.
they were famous back to the 90's. love them~

"All The Love In The World"

I'm not looking for someone to talk to
I've got my friend, I'm more than O.K.
I've got more than a girl could wish for
I live my dreams but it's not all they say
Still I believe (I'm missing) I'm missing something real
I need someone who really sees me...

Don't wanna wake up alone anymore
Still believing you'll walk through my door
All I need is to know it's for sure
Then I'll give... all the love in the world

I've often wondered if love's an illusion
Just to get you through the loneliest days
I can't criticize it. I have no hesitation
My imagination just stole me away

Love's for a lifetime not for a moment
So how could I throw it away. Yeah I'm only human
And nights grow colder
With no-one to love me that way
Yeah I need someone who really sees me...

And i won't wake up alone anymore
Still believing you'll walk through my door
You'll reach for me and I'll know it's for sure
Then I'll give all the love in the world

Jul 18, 2009

bintang da terang

td si kacak tuh duk sebut si 'bintang' sgt dkt JJ...
ambik hg. da muncul da bintang tu td. hukk~ tibeee3.

tepat 115am td. nak off9 suda. i was too sleepy just now. and idk y.
out of sudden, jari ni terus check email b4 nak shut down everything.
then, i saw an off9 msg from aaa... BH. i was like~ okay. that was few minutes.
b4 115am. i replied, n yes, he's still there. so...chatting lah~! ahah.
i wanna make it short at 1st, but then. melarat plak until 315am td.
say goodbye je almost 15 minutes. uhuuu.

lgpon, lame x contact. lame jgk, kot? kot la. idk. x ingt. ahah~
we talked bout movies + cinema + raye + the fray + bad habits + future.
and there's a certain serious part there, and it was accidentally happened.
at d n of that, i said "slmt hari sabtu...minta maaf kalo de terkasar bhse"
and he said "sorry 4 everything". hukkk. takot ade yg trase je. haha.
but overall, it was ok + menenangkan. ahah~ pnjng umor die.
ok fine. 4get bout that. but, there's a part. that, i love.
it's the goodbye part and ... tibe2. seriously tibe2.

him ; jgn sdey byk2.. promise me dat
me ; mane de sdeyh
him ; da world is full of laughter n joy
me ; ni skodeng dkt blog ke ape nih?
him ; x de la. jgn lper pesan tuh.
me ; insya allah.

ske kan muncul d saat2 cam genting dgn tibe2? erm. kebetulan. kot.
baiklah. da
334am. jap lg 630am da nak gerak ke tnjng malim. fine...
kemas brg. tdow la sejam. kot. wahaha...tgkla~ ahah. dlm kereta.
tdow puas2. best anak tunggal nih. duk dkt blakang sorang2.
tdow la gaye bebas camne pon! hahahaha

pastuh btolkan tudung x ingt dunia. tdung pon jd senget benget.
kemek sane, kemek sini. wahaha. baju pon mule kedut~
time nie lah cermin memainkan peranan penting. okay. ngarot.
ermmm... good morning everybody~! happy saturday~!

here goes my no1 fav song from pretty ugly.
well, it's not 1 of their famous song, but seriously.
it's sooo sweet + meaningful~!

**jika diberikan satu peluang**

Jika diberikan ku satu peluang
Apa yang aku impikan
Pulihkan segala kesilapan
Jika diberikan ku satu peluang
Kembali ke masa silam
Kan ku pilih tarikh kita dulu

Bagai dijanjikan
Pertemuan singkat waktu itu
Bagai dituliskan

Pernah dulu ku sebutkannya
Pernah dulu ku ingkarinya
Bukan bermaksud
Melukakan hatimu
Ku lakukannya untuk kita
Ku lakukannya demi cinta
Bukan bermaksud
Maafkan diriku

Jika diberikan ku satu peluang
Apa yang aku impikan
Diriku dirimu dulu
Jika diberikan ku satu peluang
Tembusi masa depanku
Kan ku suluh tiga tahun dari situ

Saatnya terhenti
Seketika kau terima lafaznya
Saatnya ku nanti
Dikau bahagia

like the whole week

13th july - i went to... carre4 x silap. wahaha.
erm... kempunan starbuck berminggu, x tahan. g jgk dunkin donut.
ambik ice blended ape tah. ahah...melayang RM 10.45

ptg, pas lunch, ambil slip + tman abah round2 kl.
jd org jakun tgk klcc dr dlm kereta. hahahaha... XD

14th july - erm. x ingt. ahah...mmg x ingt.

15th july - bergerak ke taiping. sampai ptg. mkn kuey teow doli~ wajib~!

mlm? mama n abah dinner. on9 kejap sorang2...
n google ttg apartment ria, genting highland. spooookkkyyyy~~~
tdow tepat 417am. ahah~

16th jul - bgn 630am... wuuuu. ngantok. gerak ke lumut.
owhhh...kem TLDM lumut mmg gempak gile3...
owh. semua pixca, hilang. i mean.... like the whole memory card.
gileeee frust~!!! memory card tuh empty trus~

sampai kl around 6pm.

17th july - tamat 1 paper - SCP. no comment~

ramai org keluar exam hall awal. semua nmpk happy.
ahah...pdn muke ko aqilah~ x happy. wahaha.

mlm. 815pm went to JJ. sampai2, parking...terus attack starbuck~ finally~!
and it reminds me of hawa. minum yg jelly2 tuh. ahah~ terbang RM15.

minum2 d taman. habis minum baru si kacak tu muncul...haha XD
borak3. ketemu plak 2 merpati itu~ moga kalian berbahgie =P
blk. n on9 skrng. tp sumpah celcom lembab amat3 ble mlm. bosan.

esok... 18th july.

bgn kul 5 lebeyh rasenye jap lg. sbb 630 da kene gerak ke tjg malim.
mama ade class di upsi. then, abah hantar sy ke rawang. umah finaz~!

tdow umah finaz. ahad... 19th july blk umah, naik train plak kot. abah ade golf~

isnin? 20th july - bz. lagi. ahah~

gemuk... sehat... tak bermakna happy.

bosan... rasa da taw semua? tak semestinya...

ahah. mencarut. eh salah... melalut. ngantok da ni.

tp tamak nak on9. cett~ addicted da. hurm...

till then.

Jul 14, 2009

14th july 2009 - b4 i sleep

almost the end of 14th july... before it's too late, here's a few things...


owhhh...muke kami mase sem 1. hahahaha.
this is back to when i was 18. yer taw.
muke kiddo innocent lg. haha XD

btw. happy birthday khalida.
it must be a wonderful bday aite?
hope happy2 slalooo okay~! =]

erm... TTM. it's ur 1st day of being a-part-time-teacher.
it's unbelievable act. ahah...but at least u made it~ happy 4 u.
still lupe nak tnye awk primary / 2ndry school? huhu.
ckgu PJ. it's suits u well. owh btw. thanks 4 calling as early as 8am.
u woke me up~ ahah... dkt skola pun blh call sy ke ckgu?
and yet, as i expected, u told me bout all the erm...
gedik-2-b-girls yg over excited ble jmpe ckgu lelaki baru~
anyway. best of luck with that

*urghhhh... trying my best & avoiding feelings jealous bout that*
*remember aqilah. this post is labeled as 'friends'*
so. just, friends. friends. friends. fine.
btw. good nite ppl.

awk. best of luck utk paper esok.
sy doakan dr jauh =]

**broken strings**

Let me hold you For the last time. It's the last chance to feel again
But you broke me. Now I can't feel anything

When I love you, It's so untrue. I can't even convince myself
When I'm speaking, It's the voice of someone else

Oh it tears me up. I try to hold on, but it hurts too much
I try to forgive, but it's not enough to make it all okay

You can't play on broken strings.
You can't feel anything that your heart don't want to feel
I can't tell you something that ain't real

Oh the truth hurts. And lies worse
How can I give anymore?
When I love you a little less than before

Oh what are we doing. We are turning into dust
Playing house in the ruins of us

Running back through the fire when there's nothing left to save
It's like chasing the very last train when it's too late

Let me hold you for the last time
It's the last chance to feel again

perangai buruk / pantang larang

1 - tak suke org mengarah / menyuruh lebih 1x. sekali ckp, sy dgr, sy ingt. sy akan buat, sooner or later. i will. don't push. i hate that. kecuali kalau sy benar2 lupa

2 - sy study, sy akan study diam2. pandai2 sy study bile. sy jarang amat3 nak bgtaw org yg sy da study / well prepared. sy akan study sendiri, tanpa org lain taw. lg rase cam best, kalau result cam best, tp org ingt sy x study. huuu~~~ sy bkn ulat buku. jd ble sy study, sy study btol2.

3 - sy pantang org tanye soalan bodow / soalan sama berulang kali. cth soklan bodow "asal awk sombonk sgt?" ia blh buat sy marah sekelip mata. percayelah, sy ni garang.

4 - kalau exam ataw pape sewkt dgnnya, sy lebeyh ske berdiam diri selepas exam tu selesai. sy x suke org tnye 'senang ke ssh' or discuss jwpn. selagi x dpt result, sy x kan ckp ape2 even sy yakin sgt sy blh score paper tuh.

5 - most of the time, lepas makan sy punya 1 habit... di mana sy akan lap dgn tisu, mane2 je tmpt basah di keliling meja tuh. ahah~

6 - owh yer...kalau duduk ataw berdiri, selalunya kaki sy mmg akan bergoyang. wkt f2, di SMK tmn melawati, ckgu sejarah sy - ckgu wahi pernah ckp "aqilah, kaki awk sorang je goyang dlm kelas ni". cik hafizul, lecturer sy pun pernah tegur sy d exam hall utk sbb yg same~

7 - pernah dgr tak, lain org = lain cara. maka. hormatlah dgn citarasa org lain jgk. cth ; LOLA mungkin pet plg buruk pd pendpt Y. dan, kalau begitu, diam sudah. ckp dlm hati je. x perlu Y nak ckp pd tuan empunya pet, iaitu sy, bertapa buruknya LOLA tuh. hey...kalau sy lah, sy mungkin tgk pet Y jgk buruk ataw bnde lain spt kereta, baju, dll buruk. tp x de nye sy nak ckp straight tak bertapis dkt Y.

8 - tak suka org over-caring jgk. serabottt weyh!!! skeee hati la nak buat ape. tak kan sume bnde nak kene ajak sume org. tak gi mane2 la gitu. ahah~

9 - makanan. ni plg ketara... same mcm lain org = lain cara. cthnye la, X ske mkn budu, sy x ske mkn budu. x denye sy nak ckp "eeeeeeeuuuuuwwwwwwww" kuat2. makanan kot? and. dahlah tu kegemaran die. lain org lain selera lah. tlg hormat org lain. serta ingt skit, makanan tu rezeki.

10 - BENCI org gune brg sy tanpa kebenaran dan x letak d tmpt asal. benar, pantang. kalau letak / jage baik2 x pe. nih kalau pinjam buku x reti nak pulangkan, pinjam nota tnpa kebenaran, lepas tu letak merata - rata. sounds simple but i just, dont like it.

11 - buku sy, x kesah buku skola / novel / komik, tlg jgn ade kelepet2 skitttt pon. tak suke! jgn lipat mane2 ms~!!! tlg laaa tande gune pelmbaris or penande buku ke. huuu...x dela. syg kottt...most of them = duit sendiri. bkn senang2 beli gune air liur. ahah~

12 - malu kalau gf2 sy ade yg jenis dpn laki jd gedik. cover2 control2. n worst of all, x jd diri sendiri... tlg laaaa. nape tibe2 dpn laki jd ulat bulu naik daun gitu? x skeee!!! kalau sy as a friend tgk pun malu + berbulu, ape tah lg laki2 tu sendiri pk? hurm...

13 - BENCI ape2 je yg melibatkan mase / kelembapan. sy x suke org x punctual. kalau terlmbt agak2 la. setgh jam logik lg. yg sampai berjam2 n bnykkk kali. owhhh benci~! n mmg blh marah, kalau org lembab buat keje. bknlah lmbt pick up...just mcm kalau kte pergi restoran utk mkn. yg x ramai org pun, pekerja leh buat muke malas, n ambik order dgn sgt lmbt. then kalau kte tnye ape2, x reti nak jwb. pehhhh~ spoil mood~!

14 - tak suka org yg pilih kwn berdasarkan akademik / fizikal / kedudukan. seblh2 nya sy lebeyh skeee low profile n org tayah kenal sy dlm2. sbb camni baru sy blh tgk sape yg btol2 ikhlas kwn n sape yg pandang sy sbelah mate je. cam lawak...dr zaman umur 3 tahun sampai la da 20 tahun ni, sentiase ade je org yg pilih kwn camnih... apekah? mesti kaye kwn dgn kaye je? pandai dgn pandai je? cantik dgn cantik je? owhhh... semua tu sementara je kot.

15 - owh yer... ni ramai jgk org da taw perangai buruk semulajd nih. haha... kalau marah amat3... dgn sendirinya, i'll speak in english. like, totally english. hahahahaa... itu kalau da pissed off sgt3. pernah jd skali time dkt mrsm dlu. 1 geng d12 nganga mulot tgk. haha. semua ckp xlupe sy time tuh. hahaha... maaf yer~! idk. rase ayat2 marah english lg polite dr malay. ahah XD

16 - kebenaran tu menyakitkan, kan? tp... yg pahit tu la lebeyh baik ditelan sbb pahit itu ubat. manis itu racun. so, kalau ade pape kebenaran yg mungkin memedihkan, bgtaw je dkt sy terus awal2. ni tak... da lame duk simpan, tpu, sorok, n last3 ble da tak terlindung baru bgtaw sy? owhh...alasan. "x sampai hati nak bgtaw, takot sdeyh". hohoho...salah nye prinsip tuh~!!! x ke rase, lg lame simpan kebenaran, harapan tu akan wujud. so, ble harapan da tinggi menggunung, then suddenly baru nak bgtaw bnde yg btol, mmg lg pedih amat sgt~! jd...sile la bgtaw je dkt sy terus kebenaran even pahit drpd hempedu.

17 - sape suke org menipu kan? same jgk dgn sy. sy pantang jgk rahsia sy dibocorkan tnpa sebab yg kukuh ataw munasabah. sy akan terus kwn dgn org tu, layan cam biase je, tp... kalau sedarlah kan. mmg sy tak akan share pape yg cam best + cam sdeyh da la dgn die. sy akan terus tlg n jd pendgr kalau die ade mslh, tp mmg sy tak akan share pape da dgn die. sampai bile2 pon sy tak akan percayekan die da. sampai bile2 pon sy akan kwn biase je dgn die...

18 - i 4give, but i will never 4get. hurm... 1 lg bad habit yg kwn2 rapat da sedia maklum~ huhu. owh..lg satu, kalau bnde tuh terlalu besar, cthnya Z minta maaf. sy hanya akan diam. dan slow2 sy layan cam biase. tp jgnla asyik tanye, sy da maafkan ke x? tuh... p minta maaf dgn tuhan. kemaafan tuh dr Allah. kemaafan dr sy? biarlah sy diam. biarlah sy je yg taw sy maafkan ke x. bukan dendam. cuma, kalau sy maafkan pun, sy lebeyh gemar diam. dan kalau sy layan mcm biasa, x bermakna sy maafkan jgk. sy cuma... tak suka bermusuh.

19 - jgn pndng hina org lain. sy x suke kalau ade org esp kenalan sy jgk, nak pndg rendah org lain. cthnye W. W pndg rendah dkt peminta sedekah contohnya, kenape? dah mmg tuh nasib die. mungkin la die blh usahe buat keje lain, tp kalau die x de pilihan? jgn dipandang hina org yg jual ayam, sapu sampah, pekerja bawahan atau org cacat misalannya. sbb, kalau semua jd org kaye, sape nak jd org miskin. kalau semua jd org makan roti canai je, sape nak bukak restoran n ambik order? kalau semua nak mkn ayam je, sape nak jual ayam? kalau semua nak jd dr je...sape nak jd pesakit? so... biarlah aturan kitaran kehidupan ni.

20 - langgar org, pastuh x ckp sorry. pehhh...kurang asam jawe. kalo ckp sorry at least x kesah kot. pastuh buat muke x berslh. ahah...x ske. kalau mmg tgh ramai org tuh lain cite. ey...sy kalau dtg mood berani tuh, sy sound je taw x? setempek dkt muka. dont worry. sound dgn baik. simple, short, tp pedas. sendiri maw ingt la. ahah~

tu je kot... buat mase ni. nak buat camne. tiap org ade pantang larang die sdiri. x ske? x kesah pon. haha XD just...sy jgk manusia biase yg sedaye upaye ubah perangai buruk yg ade antarenye da lame sgt sebati dgn diri. hukkk...rase jaat gle~ wawawa. maafff bebnyk kalaw ade yg terambik hati dgn perangai buruk sy jgk~! huhu.... seriously, sorry... sy jgk akan cubeee utk terima perangai baik / buruk semu org seadenye n tegur ape yg patot sebagai tnggjwb sesame manusia~ =D

Jul 13, 2009

tolong... terima kasih!

sy bkn nak minta tlg... hehe. cuma, da lame nak buat entry ttg ni. tp tak terbuat. hari ni paksa jgk diri, jari n minda tulis~! ahah. erm, tentang budi bahasa dan tanda hormat kita pd org lain. selalunya, ble kte mintak tlg org lain, kita main suruh je... main ckp je. main arah je. pastuh, x ucap terima kasih plak tuh. ahah...slalunye jd mcm nih ble da kelam kabut sgt. kan? tak pun mmg da jenis x berbudi. mmg x kan ckp la elok2 walaupun nak mintak tlg org lain kan? hurm...rasenye x elok n x patot btol.

ayat majoriti
"weyh. bagi aku kertas tuh"

ayat sebaik - baiknye
"weyh, TLG bagikan aku kertas tuh. TERIMA KASIH"

nape ssh sgt eh kte nak gune perkataan TLG dan TERIMA KASIH tuh? ahah... kalau dlm keadaan x disengajakan mcm yg sy ckp td, kelam kabut ke, x pela... maybe kte x bermaksud camtuh. tp, kalau keadaan tenang, ok je, x rushing, tapi... kte still tak gune perkataan TLG dan TQ tuh? erm. mcm x elok kot. x berbudi bhse. n cam.... org yg tlg kte pon rase bengang je. ye laaa,ssh2 die tlg kte, kte senyum pon tak. ckp TQ pon tak. haih~ mengundang fitnah org dkt kte je kot...

ade seorg junior lelaki sy. sy pernah tanye die, pas SPM nak gi mane?

junior ; erm... buat mase ni just nak study betol2. n nak gi oversea n jauh2. x nak dkt dgn fmly.

me; kenape? what do u mean by x nak dkt dgn fmly?

junior ; sbb... benci fmly. benci semua. so, mmg nak belajar sungguh2 sbb nak dpt offer g oversea je utk jauh dr die org semua.

me ; eh... nape sampai benci fmly??? nape..??? x baek kot camtuh... darah daging jgk.

junior ; yer laaa... mama, kakak2, abg semua asyik taw nak memerintah je. itula inilah. ckp nak marah2 je. asyik org je kene... pastu ckp org malas... pdhal die org tuh x buat ape langsung. asyik memerintah je. sape lg malas sebenarnye..???

me ; erm...kan tanggungjwb jgk sebagai anak n adik, bongsu plak tuh? sbb tuh camtuh kot. jgnlah buruk sangka sbb dkt fmly sdiri kot. hurm...

junior ; yerlaaa... tp tak boleh ke ckp TLG / PLZ??? then ckp TQ??? at least~ bkn ssh pon. kalo ckp leklok, org ok je nak tlg... ni tak. cam ape je.

hurm. ade betolnye jgk kan? cam sdeyh jgk sbb sampai camtuh skali die sanggup study utk pergi jauh2 hanye kerane kesilapan yg asalnye kecik je... owh yar, he did it. mmg die score gempak gile SPM n dpt g jepun~ ahah... congrats 2 him~! act, die bkn student yg cam best mule2 nye...time f4 n f5 mmg die study gile. n his great result mmg amat sgt gempak n mengejutkan semua org. ahah~ ok. enuff bout that. just...SEE... fmly sdiri pon memainkan peranan yg amat besar kot? hurm... x dela. just bkn sgt kte nak ckp TLG / PLZ & TQ / TERIMA KASIH.

kalau sy, kdg2 sy terlupa jgk nak ckp thank u sbb tgh berckp dgn org lain, ataw sy segan dgn org itu. ahah...cam bodow je jgk sbb guna alasan 'segan' utk x berckp thank u~! SORRY~!!! huu.. baiklah aqilah...pasnih cuba SENTIASA hargai semua org yg membantu. tanda kita berbudi, hormat, dan hargai org lain... =]