Jun 10, 2009

went to malacca last night

why all of sudden, i went to malacca?

6th june 2009.
went to the clinic early in the morning 4 the everyday-appointment-with-the-Dr.
Dr itu suda risaw amat. sbb sudah hampir 5 hari telinge sy x ok.
pain killer + antibiotic suda dinaikkan dose nye. and still telinge sy sakit skit2.
Dr ckp sepatutnya da totally healed. she wrote a letter, 4 me to refer to a specialist.

7th june 2009
went to ampang pu3. but unfortunately, 1 of the Dr away 4 holiday.
and the other 1, out 4 an operation. soooo... they asked me to come the next day.
so, decided to meet specialist mate hari itu. haih~
check mate, and ade test2 jgk, n flush mate. *1st time dgr flush mate*
ingt...utk toilet je? hurm... sakit skit je. tp jap je. eyes. better~

abah called his friend, as an ENT [ears . nose . throat] specialist. but.
he's also away 4 holiday. and, abah called a Dr at Terendak, Malacca.
and. tomorrow [8th june] is his last day at the clinic b4 he, too, away 4 holiday.

sesudah maghrib, kami sekeluarga pon bergerak ke Melaka.
i SMSed zaid when i arrived Melaka, asking him so much bout MITC & UTEM.
and talked bout his sweetheart & shahli as well. sleep, and wait 4 the next day.

8th june 2009
so here i am in malacca. woke up early. waited for my turn for almost 3 hours...
and met that-so-kerek Dr. grrr...i'm hoping to see my Mc Dreamy a.s.a.p.
yesss, somewhere in my dream~ *i love u so much mc dreamy!!!*

tibe saat yg paling menggerunkan. jmpe Dr...
duduk d kerusi hitam yg berkilat itu. scoping d telinge.
bkn 1st time camera msk telinge sy. *muke xleh blaaa*. cuci telinga.
and ambil ujian ape tah yg ade kuar graf2 utk telinge...
so far, its getting a lottttttttt way better. alhamdulilah~

lunch. pakcing. round2 area melaka kejappp je.
blk kl. sampai kl almost 6pm just now.

the so-called hosp... mama & abah

love this kind of classic building.

seronok. 1 of the main attraction here.

souvenir gallery as well.

eat eat eat!!!

and thats how everything happened. =]


Anonymous said...

i love melaka~!! after KL, melaka is my next best town :)

ra|nbOw said...

waaaa. really? now i know. =]
qila ske sbb die pnye classic2 building. hee.

athirah hanafiah said...

berubat sambil bercuti yer qila..
hopefully telinga qila baiklah lpas ni kan..

ra|nbOw said...

hee. thanks... insya allah.
bercuti ke? erm. berjalan dlm kete je. haha XD

.Nora Kacak. said...

sy dapat keris melaka. wakakak =]

ra|nbOw said...

haha. XD