May 28, 2009

sesat jalan [new experience, long post]

27th may 2009, wednesday

as i've mentioned b4, yesterday i've decided to follow mama to her school.
well, b4 dat, i've to settle down a lot of things which is undone b4.
i woke up quite late 2day, n find out that mama is totally weak.
of course la, she doesn't have enough sleep. and i went to the kitchen.
look inside the freezer, and find out that all the kitchen stuff is running out of stock.
i took my bath, and went to JJ AU - keramat. again? yes. but 1st.
i went to petronas. since kembara fuel tank was totally empty~
and. i use mum's credit card. no need to worry much. cuz. i dont have to sign any bills.

its da 3rd-day-of-my-everyday-driving. haha... and i've met nora at JJ.
i've buyed everything, and used my mum credit card again. ok. thats the nervous part.
when i've to copy my mum signature and sign it on the bill. grrr~~~ but lucky me.
everything went smoothly. and went to body shop. super-duper sale.
hello??? like 50%-70%??? i was like. OMG. regretting all the stuff i've buyed b4 the sale.
haha. and i've buy my cleanser & toner. this time, using my money.
even at 1st, there was a small bad voice saying "used the magic card~~~ credit card"
haha. no no no. i wouldn't. then, went home with nora. and, it was 12:30pm.

okay. mama looks better. as if she is a lot healthier. well, she's not.
so, mama + me + nora went to SMK tmn connaught, cheras. and.

it's a 'sekolah kebangsaan' but seriously, it looks like a Chinese school.
Chinese - countless, and Malay - countable. crazy huh? went to the teachers room.
and surau. and...for me, the school is totally miserable. idk if it just me,feeling dat way.
or, it is a mess? guess melawati is a lottt way better. y do i compared it with melawati?
since i'm guessing that melawati is my 'super-duper' school ever. u know what i mean...

done with the school, i decided to bring nora to KEM SG BESI.
since i've been missing that place so much! ok, out from the school, *pangggg*
suddenly, i've took the wrong way. aihhh~~~ idk where i'm heading to.
i was like. errr..? its only da beginning. n i've took the wrong way? aiyoo.
stop at petronas Alam Damai [i've never been there] and buy a ribena.
and asked the cashier, a direction to sg besi... and, yes! i've made it.
and from there, i can see my very 1st primary school. i miss it!!!!
SRK pengkalan tentera darat! and, show my 1st clinic to nora as well.
and then, i showed her all my-used-to-be-house, which are 3 of them.

i was living at this house back to when i was 16 & 17

an i stopped by in front of 1 of my old house...
and there, u can see the tasik, UPNM [atma] and also RMC. also known as MTD.
RMC = royal military college / MTD = maktab tentera diraja.
we sat there 4 a while and, it just so wonderful to be there again.

this is the lake. and up on the hill, that's RMC.

i wanted to see adi or amad but they've got a class. aiyooo~
then, i visited my old nanny, mak cik som. she's sooooooo happy to see me again.
cuz its been ages since we last met. and she asked me a lot of things.
and a lot of my little kiddy secrets was revealed to nora today!
OMG...malu okay? with mak cik som calling me "La..." instead of aqilah.
and there goes 2 little kiddy with her. that's kak liza's kids. huuu...
mak cik som. she's a grandma now. huuu...but i love her so much!!!

amar is playing with nora...

and there she was, asking nora so much bout me. like, do i have a bf n so on.
i've answered that! i've told her i've got a BF somewhere in indonesia.
studying to be a doctor. and and... he live in kajang and will be back in 4 years.
mak cik som wanted to see his pics and i gave it to her. and she said...
"patotla La suke...handsome..." i laughed out loud!!! i was like...aiyoo. thats BH.
as if la he's my bf. but, thats the thing. i still do, waiting 4 him....worth it or not?
and mac cik som also said... "mesti ade bf lain ni...tnggu die blk lmbt sgt"
errrr... no no no!!! there's a few friends, but...ok la mak cik som. no comment.
we will wait and see. i have no idea right now. phewww~~~

bout 4 o'clock, we waved goodbye to mak cik som. i'm trying to find a way back.
to tmn connaught, cheras. again, i dont have any idea, which road to take.
i just follow the sign board & out of nowhere, i already passed by hulu langat tol.
grrrr~~~ and almost took my way to kajang... hehehehehe. [gatal miang dtg da]
ok. u turn. and try to guess the right way. asking ppl again. LOL~~~
and yes. finally. i'm at the other side of mum's school. it's still early.
when to the nearby Giant which is very near to UCSI. but the giant,
is totally empty with nothing & soooo bored. then, we went to A&W. n lepaking there.

til 6pm. again... i've took the wrong way and back to giant again. haha. ok.
then, i'va made it again n arrived mum's school at 6:09pm. okay... we've 35 minutes left.
and we just stay in the car n take a break. it's tiring ok? and then. babe called.
talked 4 a while b4 my battery's empty. and yet, everything is empty.
my camera, both of my hp, and also money. but. well. its a new experienced 4 me.
i've never been anywhere i've been yesterday. and. its great when u arrived
at the destination right on time after all the wrong turning n so on...

arrived home at 8, and took my bath, solat, replace all the kitchen stuff.
and on9 at 9pm... since i've made a promise to chat with shafinaz. ym 4 a while.
bout 10:30pm, i suddenly have-to stop the conversation since mama is totally unwell.
she cant take it anymore until she cried. she's too exhausted, too tired cuz she cant sleep.
and last night, she cant sleep again. she has eat dinner, took her bath. but still.
she cant sleep. she's not sick anymore & its totally worried me a lot. then.
i sleep beside her and try to make sure she's sleeping. we did try everything.
al-quran, yassin, and so on. i cant sleep. cuz i'm not sure. if she's sleeping or not.
then i've found out, she slept 4 a while last nite. n right now...
she still struggling to sleep. i let her be... mama. get well soon. i love u!!!


Anonymous said...

byk benda leh comment, but i chose to comment abt the A&W..
sedap sgt kan..smpi minum tak tinggal tuk kite..


p/s:thanx for ur comment.. love u too :)

.OhNora. said...

1st: haaaaa. best apa sesat jalan. habiskan masa. tgk rupe awk gelabah, n sy relax wat bodo. wakakakka. =]
[terasa cam bos ja semalam. duduk. n tgk wayang bgenre suspen. mungkin cita2 sy da nk jd bos da nk sampai?] =P

2nd: sy still xpuas aty kat dalam kem sg besi tu. tempat kawad tu melampaw la. baek dye bg tv screen tu kat sy, habiskan harta government ja, wakakaka =]

3rd: tasik tuh. 6bulan dr skrg sy nk tgk perubahan. cantikkan ia! cewaaa macam awk yg keje situ. weee.

4th: mak cik som. hoohoho.LA? wakakaka. "LA ni xmakan pedas". wakakak. if ikut sy balek penang, no excuse la xmakan pedas. weeee.
nnt bawak sy lagi! enak pulak nk taw rahsia awk. and nk tgk si Amar & Alya tuh, woooo diorg kan shareholder Nora Kacak Sdn. Bhd.
[kami b3 je dagu terbelah], wakakka=]
and sy still terbayang2 gambar mama / abah awk dekat umah makcik som tuh. "gler kacak en amin" =]

5th: A&W. "Abg kitchen kimsalam". Weeee. Awk terkejut sampai wat float tu terpengaruh melompat kuar. weee, dah la sy sorg3 d situ. menggelabah taw tak! habis kekacakkan ini. hahaha =]

6th: sy Xnk bg saham kat Giant tu ag, bapak kedekut akak tuh.=]

7th: alang3 semalam da termasuk tol hulu langat, awk patot pegi je sg gabai. weeeeee.

8th: sy nantok dgr awk bebel!! pot pet pot pet. tp ntah. dalam aty sy da gelak2. sebb macam2 bahan sy bole kenakan awk kelak. weeeeee.

9th: sy rase mama awk kena join bkak company kerepek pisang tuh. awk, xsampai 5 min kowt da tamat riwayat ia. n bole plak diorg berebut3 dalam klas photo semalam! =]part paling enak Ecah suh sy p beli kat Giant. Wakakakakka =]

10th: awk. sy tabikkkkkkkkkkk spring kat awk. sy bangga. haaahha. sy nmpak camne cara awk jaga mama awk. ya, sy ngaku awk mmg caring / loving gler. tp ingat, jage aty awk jugak. =]

11th: sy cabar awk. BAWAK MERC tuh!
[sy xsabar nk tgk wyg genre action horror plak! sambil makan pak tongko] wahahahahah.

take care, jaga mama awk baek2.kimsalam cik yg modern tuh.

p/s: kacak tak cikgu yg kimsalam pd sy semalam? wakakaka. sumpah sy rase sy kacak gler. sampai ade yg kimsalam. wakakakaka. tapi sy xnk p sek tu ag.waaa migraine gler. dak3 cina tu merenk. Hikhik =]

ra|nbOw said...

hee. kak lyne. kalo tnggu kak lyne. nnt sampai kering akibat terkondesasi da air tuh. haha.

1st - alaa. die pun cuak~
2nd - tgk x berkelip mate!
3rd - tasik tu da makin cantik taw x?
4th - abah mmg kacak. awk je x. haha
5th - alolo. die yg gelabah float tuh melimpah. wakakaka.
6th - akak tu cume jlnkan tugas
7th - sg gabai ade ape?
8th - awk mmg da ngantok. sentiase.
9th - wakaka. x rase lg kerepek tuh.
10th - hee.? ye ke? awk x bgtaw pon? haha. ego la tuh. malu la tu! =P
11th - merc? i will.

hahahha. dak2 skola tuhhh.
tataw nak ckp camne da!

.OhNora. said...

awk, sy ego bertempat, nnt awk tu pasan if sy ckp depan3. pastu awk bebel2. sy nantok ag! wakakakakak.
sg gabai. air terjunla! tempat yg sy da target nk pergi pas tamat event.
jum3!! =]

ayong said...

woa..da lame tak gi kem sg besi tu..hehe..dulu slalu gi since my uncle dok sana..haa..
tp dah pencen dah now, so dok kt uamh sndri kat sermban..

wmsyazwan said...

aku teringin nk masuk kem askar.
tp x bkesempatan..........

ra|nbOw said...

nora. nak ikot!!!
tp harap x de pacat. hoho.

ayong. hee. ye ke? owh. pernah msk jgkla eh. hee.

wan. alahai...tAW. 2x da aku dgr
nnt kte gi ok!

Anonymous said...

copy mama's signature?

OMG, cant believe it's from you dear.
pasney jgn wat lagik
kalo nak wat jugak, make sure ajak fatyn skali kat sana

ra|nbOw said...

wakakakka. terpakse copy.
atas arahan mama. cuak gile! LOL XD