May 28, 2009

sesat jalan [new experience, long post]

27th may 2009, wednesday

as i've mentioned b4, yesterday i've decided to follow mama to her school.
well, b4 dat, i've to settle down a lot of things which is undone b4.
i woke up quite late 2day, n find out that mama is totally weak.
of course la, she doesn't have enough sleep. and i went to the kitchen.
look inside the freezer, and find out that all the kitchen stuff is running out of stock.
i took my bath, and went to JJ AU - keramat. again? yes. but 1st.
i went to petronas. since kembara fuel tank was totally empty~
and. i use mum's credit card. no need to worry much. cuz. i dont have to sign any bills.

its da 3rd-day-of-my-everyday-driving. haha... and i've met nora at JJ.
i've buyed everything, and used my mum credit card again. ok. thats the nervous part.
when i've to copy my mum signature and sign it on the bill. grrr~~~ but lucky me.
everything went smoothly. and went to body shop. super-duper sale.
hello??? like 50%-70%??? i was like. OMG. regretting all the stuff i've buyed b4 the sale.
haha. and i've buy my cleanser & toner. this time, using my money.
even at 1st, there was a small bad voice saying "used the magic card~~~ credit card"
haha. no no no. i wouldn't. then, went home with nora. and, it was 12:30pm.

okay. mama looks better. as if she is a lot healthier. well, she's not.
so, mama + me + nora went to SMK tmn connaught, cheras. and.

it's a 'sekolah kebangsaan' but seriously, it looks like a Chinese school.
Chinese - countless, and Malay - countable. crazy huh? went to the teachers room.
and surau. and...for me, the school is totally miserable. idk if it just me,feeling dat way.
or, it is a mess? guess melawati is a lottt way better. y do i compared it with melawati?
since i'm guessing that melawati is my 'super-duper' school ever. u know what i mean...

done with the school, i decided to bring nora to KEM SG BESI.
since i've been missing that place so much! ok, out from the school, *pangggg*
suddenly, i've took the wrong way. aihhh~~~ idk where i'm heading to.
i was like. errr..? its only da beginning. n i've took the wrong way? aiyoo.
stop at petronas Alam Damai [i've never been there] and buy a ribena.
and asked the cashier, a direction to sg besi... and, yes! i've made it.
and from there, i can see my very 1st primary school. i miss it!!!!
SRK pengkalan tentera darat! and, show my 1st clinic to nora as well.
and then, i showed her all my-used-to-be-house, which are 3 of them.

i was living at this house back to when i was 16 & 17

an i stopped by in front of 1 of my old house...
and there, u can see the tasik, UPNM [atma] and also RMC. also known as MTD.
RMC = royal military college / MTD = maktab tentera diraja.
we sat there 4 a while and, it just so wonderful to be there again.

this is the lake. and up on the hill, that's RMC.

i wanted to see adi or amad but they've got a class. aiyooo~
then, i visited my old nanny, mak cik som. she's sooooooo happy to see me again.
cuz its been ages since we last met. and she asked me a lot of things.
and a lot of my little kiddy secrets was revealed to nora today!
OMG...malu okay? with mak cik som calling me "La..." instead of aqilah.
and there goes 2 little kiddy with her. that's kak liza's kids. huuu...
mak cik som. she's a grandma now. huuu...but i love her so much!!!

amar is playing with nora...

and there she was, asking nora so much bout me. like, do i have a bf n so on.
i've answered that! i've told her i've got a BF somewhere in indonesia.
studying to be a doctor. and and... he live in kajang and will be back in 4 years.
mak cik som wanted to see his pics and i gave it to her. and she said...
"patotla La suke...handsome..." i laughed out loud!!! i was like...aiyoo. thats BH.
as if la he's my bf. but, thats the thing. i still do, waiting 4 him....worth it or not?
and mac cik som also said... "mesti ade bf lain ni...tnggu die blk lmbt sgt"
errrr... no no no!!! there's a few friends, but...ok la mak cik som. no comment.
we will wait and see. i have no idea right now. phewww~~~

bout 4 o'clock, we waved goodbye to mak cik som. i'm trying to find a way back.
to tmn connaught, cheras. again, i dont have any idea, which road to take.
i just follow the sign board & out of nowhere, i already passed by hulu langat tol.
grrrr~~~ and almost took my way to kajang... hehehehehe. [gatal miang dtg da]
ok. u turn. and try to guess the right way. asking ppl again. LOL~~~
and yes. finally. i'm at the other side of mum's school. it's still early.
when to the nearby Giant which is very near to UCSI. but the giant,
is totally empty with nothing & soooo bored. then, we went to A&W. n lepaking there.

til 6pm. again... i've took the wrong way and back to giant again. haha. ok.
then, i'va made it again n arrived mum's school at 6:09pm. okay... we've 35 minutes left.
and we just stay in the car n take a break. it's tiring ok? and then. babe called.
talked 4 a while b4 my battery's empty. and yet, everything is empty.
my camera, both of my hp, and also money. but. well. its a new experienced 4 me.
i've never been anywhere i've been yesterday. and. its great when u arrived
at the destination right on time after all the wrong turning n so on...

arrived home at 8, and took my bath, solat, replace all the kitchen stuff.
and on9 at 9pm... since i've made a promise to chat with shafinaz. ym 4 a while.
bout 10:30pm, i suddenly have-to stop the conversation since mama is totally unwell.
she cant take it anymore until she cried. she's too exhausted, too tired cuz she cant sleep.
and last night, she cant sleep again. she has eat dinner, took her bath. but still.
she cant sleep. she's not sick anymore & its totally worried me a lot. then.
i sleep beside her and try to make sure she's sleeping. we did try everything.
al-quran, yassin, and so on. i cant sleep. cuz i'm not sure. if she's sleeping or not.
then i've found out, she slept 4 a while last nite. n right now...
she still struggling to sleep. i let her be... mama. get well soon. i love u!!!

May 25, 2009

small little reunion - bbq

hey guys. hurm... today. i woke up, n terus try utk siapkan assignment!
since i've 2 sumbit it to dila b4 evening. because...i'm going to the reunion!
ok ok. i went to the reunion, and me & naiya. the 1st person yg sampai...haha.
then x lame tuh ,almost all of them sampai. whee~

at first mmg cam agak kekok. seriously. sbb sume lain2 kelas.
and cam, yg dtg pun majority yg still ade around kl.
cuz yg lain d oversea @ blk kmpng halaman. huuu...but then.
well. it's a lot way better than i thought. huhu. enjoy!

wlpun terpakse blk awal. yup. x sempat mkn pon.
huuu...sdeyh sdeyh sdeyh! but die org sume tapaukan. owh...thanks!!!
anyway, this time, buat dkt rumah ili nadiah - kem wadieburn, kl.
and, sumenye disediakan sendiri dgn kerjasama! XD


carrot or knife?

yatie yg mmg ketara semakin kurus... [red]
owh owh. itu ainaa [middle]

well. ainaa n ili.
both of them ade blog!!!
ade link kat seblah. =P

ainaa. seriously tekun gile...

gossip + preparing the foods.

ainul buat air. sedap3!!!

adik ili...tarik tgn sy tibe2. huuu...
nak tunjuk rabbit die! hee.

colourful! sy x mkn cili jenis ni. huhu...

hahahha...kan betul tekun gile XD

yeaa... sape buli sape? wawawa...

jal potong kek batik mcm nak bunuh org...


black pepper baked potatoes

wheee...enak enak enak!!!

the boys. hahaha...hidup api punye lame!

huuu... waiting 4 the bbq.

i'm happy n excited too see them...
and almost ade yg x ingt name pon. aiyooo~
ainul...all ur desserts = great! superb...blh kawin da.
and ble nak blk, farah baru sampai...
so sempat hye2 bye2 je. huuu...
can't wait to see them again.

p/s: ainaa n ili... nak sume pics, do tell me. =]

May 16, 2009

try to make it short

9th & 10th may 2009
saturday & sunday
- gile lepak. makan. tidur. tgk tv.
- dinner with TTM 4 his bday

11th may 2009
- pergi clinic lagi utk mate yg kononnye ketumbit.
- Dr gile x bius pergi buat small operation...
- dpt anak sepupu lg!!! anak ke3 kak ngah.
- so bil anak sepupu menjd 7 org...all boys.

12th may 2009 - 13th may 2009
tuesday & wednesday
- sedare mare dtg menyerang.
- melawat kak ngah & baby nya di naluri medical centre
- gi sane - sini dgn cousins2. telan sushi king.

14th & 15th may 2009
thursday & friday
- pergi clinic area melawati plak...
- semua ckp x de obat, just operation.
- went to hosp ampang pu3. jmpe specialist mate.
- check. then masuk wad on thursday nite...

ini bkn ketumbit...
ini infection. yg x de obat...
waaaaa. besar kacang hijau.

- tdow d katil 303. friday morning, operation.
- discharged from hosp a.s.a.p = 2:30pm.
- blk rumah. akid & afiq dtg melawat. bawak choc & kacang hijau.
hahahahah. sape2 tataw ttg kacang hijau. leh refer sini. [sila klik]
- pas maghrib. nora & ema dtg melawat. thanks dear utk big apple!
- tdow awal cuz nak demam. maybe sbb tgk mate berlubang. wahaha.

16th may 2009. saturday.
- happy teachers day!!! =]

currently... broadband modem yg rosak.
so abah kene bwk blk srwk dlu utk tuka gune warranty.

nih gune P1 w1max. yeayyy~~~
baru beli td. but ni just sementara...pas broadband ok.
pulangkan n kak sally plak beli wimax ni dr sy.

kene pakai sunglasses 24 hours.
dlm rumah pon - atas arahan mama
luar rumah - atas arahan Dr. ni terpakse ok. bkn saje2 jd diva. =P

mate sy...huuu. operation itu. ok time operate.
pas operate wooo. sakit... n ade lubang~~~
lubang dkt mate. grrr~~~~ gerun jgkla.
cpt2 la sembuh. takot tgk. huuu...

May 5, 2009

tv plasma hot fm

ermmm... semalam. 4th may 2009.
sy check mail. kan ym sy x leh nak sign in...
time check mail, saje tgk tepi email tuh. ade bnde yg mcm ym.
'chat & mobile text' gi buat invi jap. lame da x bukak...
skali ade off9 msg. shahli si BH. hee. happy happy happy. whoaaaa.
die buzz mlm kelmarin. then mlm semlm main taram je reply...
skali die ade. tp buat invi jgk. owh, die mmg sgt jrg buat available.
huuu... then chat jap. owh, x dela jap sgt. almost 2 hours.
haha. lame x chatting begitu lame. yup. da jarang chatting.
ape tah lg die. wawawa~~~ last time 18th april. agak lame la tu. kan?
itupon last time tu x chatting sgt cuz both bz. less than 5 min.

then. semlm. ermmm. we talked bout study. that his fav topic. money.
bout our dad & their golf thingy, bandung, shopping, holiday, and...kawin~
wahaha. flip flop, twilight and yet a lot of crap!!! sambung2 reka cite tah pape.
murni jiran seblah, pak din, pak mail, pak hamid, mak ngah, eton. sume kuar.
and also bout tv plasma. grrr~~~ itu pon mengong2 & cam best. haha.
gile. and ade a few stupid jokes. salah ckp lg~~~

1. hot fm
BH : shahli nak buat rumah banglo.
me : gile gempak...
BH : tp dr papan je...
me: gile kaye!!!
BH : ape papan kaye? setinggan tu anak lord la?
me : wahaha. bukanlah! tp. kan kalau org kaye2... nak buat rumah.
kalau guna kayu kan lg mahal dr guna batu bata.
sbb kayu meranti, cengal ape sume kan mahal.
BH : shahli beli dkt carre4 je papan tuh.
me : owh. lebeih jimat dr biase la nih. ke lebeih hebat dr biase?
eh salah. lebeyh hebat dr biase tuh hot fm.
BH : bkn ke hot fm lebeyh hangat dr biase?
me : wahahahah...btol3. salah salah!!! haha. lame x dgr radio.
BH : kate ambik broadcasting. ish3... org dkt jakarta pon taw.
me: wahahah...salah skit je la! XP

2. tv plasma
BH : bile nak masuk dalam tv nih?
me : erm. x leh nak masuk dlm tv.
BH : owh yerla. org tu nak belakang tabir je...tak pun dpn tv.
me : x dela. tv kat umah ni kecik je. x muat plak nak masuk.
tgh tnggu bakal suami belikan tv plasma. wahaha...
BH : ape barang? gi je wyg or imax tu. confirmed dpt masuk.
kalau x dpt masuk. mmg kaget la.
me : wakakaka... btol nih kaget? nak buat2 x dpt masuk la.
biar shahli kaget. then blh la jual shahli dkt UK. kaye2! haha.
BH : mesti la bnyk agency modelling nak. blh beli bnyk tv plasma.
letak dkt sume sudut rumah...
me : eh. beli 1 dahlah. membazir tu amalan syaitan.
BH : la. org nak tlg die. masuk dlm tv.
me : owhh..nak tlg belikan tv plasma la nih?
BH : yer la. bnyk2 lg tuh. nak kasi msk dlm tv pnye pasal.
me : owh. bakal suami la nih?
BH : hehe...kte kejar cite2 masing2 dlu. then kte tgk mcm mane.

wahahaha... berade di cloud 9 seketika =P
okay2. tak harap pape pon. just happy. hehe. tibe2...
semngat nak belajar membuak2. wakaka. x leh blaaa. ermmm...
yup. die slalu pesan belajar betol2. aiyooo. baiklah...insya allah.
then nak dkt 2 hours tuh. die nak off da. cuz esok nak exam.
sy marah la x bgtaw awal2 nak exam! huhu. then. wish him luck.
and so on... die pesan lg. "doakan slalu. all the best 2 u 2"
dont worry. qila slalu doa. huuu...doa yg terbaik utk shahli.

die. antare org. yg ske panggil sy dgn name penuh.
aqilah. and nur aqilah. ermmm...buat pengetahuan sume.
sy mmg sensitif @ allergy skit if org panggil sy aqilah.
mcm sgt special. wahaha...kan org slalu panggil qila or qilah.
or qill je. so. sy if tgh marah ke, down ke, ape ke, if org panggil aqilah.
whoaaa. terus cam....ermmmmm...okay~~~ hee.
apetah lg if org tu special mcm mama, abah, dan die.

and sy amat bnyk keje minggu ni. bnyk amat. rase cam takot nak tempuh.
hari esok. lusa. tulat. grrr~~~ proposal vs presentation vs individual assignment.
doakan sumenye ok! huu. aqilah~~~ bergerak!!! ingt pesan die.
and mereka2 yg masih slalu ade utk kamu nih. hurm.
thanks utk semuanya. sy amat hargai kalian yg bnykkkk kasi nasihat.
and shahli... shahli ckp tnggu qila gi indonesia kan? tnggu la eh!
kalau bkn sbb study, maybe saje jln2 or... idk. but i will.
dgn izin Allah. hee. take care there. lihat bulan yg same taw. =]

May 4, 2009

it's 4 years

happy anniversary my dearest D12 !!!

4 tahun yg lalu, munculah 12 org kanak -kanak riang ke daerah kecil pahang, iaitu di daerah kuala lipis. merupakan 3rd intake MRSM kuala lipis.
terdiri daripada pelbagai saiz, rupa, warna kulit, dan perangai yg mmg pelbagai.
di bawah ni, gmbr 1st ni, adalah salah 1 gmbr yg lengkap kami 12 org.
ade lg 1. huu~~~ then, wkt form 5, tnggal kami ber-10 je.
yana tarik diri. syuhi pindah ke mrsm lain.

yatie - hehe. pendiam n malu2 orgnye. lemah lembut. d mesir sudah~
yamin - paling beruntung!!! x masuk matrix. x ambik dip. terus degree!
architecture d uitm perak. pernah 1 skola d melawati.
sherry - hehe. ni la partner kalau nak buat keje jaat n nakal.
hantu eminem. n ego bapak pnye tinggi. wahaha. di UMT.
fatin - name penuh fatin aqilah. same kelas, duk seblah2. bile org panggil 'aqilah'.
menjd masalah dkt kami ber2. wahaha. hantu naruto!!! di aussie kini.
finaz - hehe. this is my babe. plg rapat, i mean termsk fmly die. adek2 die handsome.
mama n abahnye baek. kini di moscow, russia.
naiya - di antare yg plg BLURRR!!! hahahaha. lemah lembut jgk, n spek gile tebal.
skrng pakai contact lense je. haha. owhhh. kini di USM.

keyna - mak n ayah DR. and ni pon, otak fizik n maths. haha. x de ah.
ske buli die. and trademark utk die "gune jari pun blh" sbb. die ni tolak gune jari pon nak jatuh da. bi power yg amat. sbb tuh tgh ambik TESL di new zealand.

yana - bday die 2 may hari tu. tp...x de latest no die. waaa. dahlah jrng bukak fs. huuu~~~ yana. lemah lembut jgk. n slalu d buli. haha. and yg special, mata die gileeeeee chantek. redup. n warna hazel. original ok. mek kelate. dan kini di johor.

syuhi - yg palinggg kecik skali. i mean. sgt kecik. suare die comel2 mcm kanak2. sherry ske ajuk cara die ckp. hehe. pendiam. tp skali bg pendapat, haaa. ambik ko. mmg power.

sohaila - budak yg plg bising. suara die ya rabbi. bingit. wahaha...x dela. die cpt gelabah. so die pnye volume suara mmg x dpt nak slow if de pape. haha. bnyk adek angkt~
syidaa - di johor kini. UTM x silap. ni plg rock n rugged. slumber gile... and. pun kaki buli org. haha. lame yg amat x jmpe die. last time spm sbb die duk jauh.

girls... da 4 thn kte kenal. and owh. mcm2 kte da de kan? n bnyk bnde kte buat...

finaz - plg comel. teddy bear bergerak-ku... huhu. owh. die mmg antara tmpt kami semua mengadu. maybe sbb sikap die yg lemah lembut n comel2 kot. haha. owhh..sgt rajin. cpt menggelabah jgk. n pernah jatuh tangga, n d cover dgn baek. wahahha... jmpe selalu jgk la pas skola sbb die duk rawang. cam dkt skit compare dgn yg lain. ske sgt3 dgn pink. gile perfume, paris hilton, guess, & the gossip girls. ske ajak tgk cite korea but then it ends up with me sleeping in front of the tv. ske sruh sy mkn biskut digestive sbb mslah pencernaan sy. geng utk ke saloon, shopping, & manicure! haha... aquarius babe. love u babe! thanks 4 everything.

sherry - geng senakal ku. yer. kami ber2 je plg nakal dlm geng ni. hostel ade 4 tingkat. kami slalu main kejar2 x ingt dunia dr tingkat atas ke bwh, guna semua tangga yg ade. main jerit2 lg, dgn bunyi tapak kaki yg kuat. haih~ riuh. haha. nak sound org pon sherry la orgnye cuz die nih confident tnggi + best debater. haha. die wakil maktab utk english debate & dpt best speaker x silap. paling hyper. n asal nak makan je, mesti ajak sy. wahaha... ego tnggi amat. org kelantan, tp ckp luar n english gile superbbb yg amat. time emo, gile x leh blaaa muke. teman wkt riadah utk keliling maktab. asal call die, mesti gelak pnye. hahahahahha... sherry, syg ko!

naiya - erm. abah kami dah kenal lame antare 1 same lain. bf die jiranku wkt kecik2 dulu. wahaha... x ingt da pun bf die tuh time kecik camne rupe. bile besor baru taw. naiya ni plg pandai masak, n blur gile. slalu kene gelak dgn sy. haha. bygkan. tgh lepak ramai2 d bilik finaz, die nak gi ambik gam dlm bilik die, then kte org tnggu pnye la lame, skali die dtg dgn muke slumber bwk mknan ke ape ke bnde lain...tanye la die. "naiya. gam mane?" die akan jwb, "eh. naiya lupe!!!" hahahaha... x leh blaaa. rajin buat kerja umah. cukup la ciri2 ibu and wanita sejati... mak die pnye la ramah. adek2 die pon buat sy mcm kaka sdiri. naiya. nnt kte jmpe lg okay? =]

yamin - time dkt melawati, just "hye2 bye2" sbb x bape nak kenal sgt. then mule2 je msk asrama, terus tegur die sbb muke die familiar. wahahah...happy jmpe geng. ni, sgt la teliti orgnye n creative. ske bentuk bulat2 n mengajarku mkn biskut weetameal. btol x eja eh? huhu. hantooo tempe, berlawanan dgn sherry yg antiii tempe. gile ske cite filipina. if ckp dgn sy, mesti bengang sbb sy tataw pape. pon blh tahan ego kalo tgh marah. haha. and and. sgt hebat mengexplore sale d mane die slalu dpt harge2 plg murah n mule la show off dkt hostel! saje buat kte org jeles. haha. anak sulung yg mcm anak bongsu! haha. aries girl. rinduuu ko!

fatin - name penuh fatin aqilah. sgtla berbeza dgnku. sy asyik cite ttg kesah cinta, die nih plak anti cinta. wahaha...x dela. kesah cinta pon duk cite ttg KT je time tuh. fatin telah berubah dgn drastik sejak msk mrsm nih, since she's getting better. i mean. sgt berubah. makin baik, alim n pandai. die nih sgt laaaa bersemangat dlm sume bnde yg die buat. yer, sgt bersemangat. kte org yg lain if ade ceramah ke ape, nak duk tgh2 je. die kalo blh nak duk dpn skali. hahaha... sentiase patuhi arahan undang2, n time sy curik2 bwk hp pon die bebel x ingt dunie. haha. and pernah...die menangis sambil cite ttg kisah naruto dkt sy. aiyooo fatin!

syidaa - si minah JB yg sengal2 n slumber. hahaha... pon senget jgk otaknye and sgt rapat dgn sohaila. pernah d gelar twin. syidaa ni pon blh tahan memilih bab2 mknan. selalu sebut "eeeuuuu" dgn niat nak buat sy n sherry geram. ahahha... slalu sgt rmbt pendek sampai rmbt die pnjng skit, ske sgt. haha. penggeli orgnye. i n sherry slalu la usap2 peha die ke, lutut die ke, mule la die menggeliat n jerit x ingt dunia. wahaha...

keyna - si die yg sedang2. dari segi saiz d antare kami, die sedang2. tak tinggi, x pendek. x gemuk, x kurus. bdk nih...24 jam muke die mcm baru bgn tdow. pdhal x pon. hee... otak genius. and termsk dlm golongan bwk hp senyap2 jgk kdg2..haha. ke time spm je? =P owh. skali time pbsm. yer...x de KRS!!! terpakse msk pbsm dkt sane...wahaha. antare mangsa utama buli oleh sherry n sy. haha. and slalu jd rujukan add math n fizik. duk nz elok2. x bwk blk souvenir, siapla!!! haha =P

sohaila - si mulut bnyk yg hyper jgk n dkt seblah mcm 10km jauh. haha. mukanye putih melepak - lepak. and badan die sgt fleksibel sbb die pernah wakil malaysia utk gimnastik dlu2... adek badek sume muke lebeyh kurang. ske sgt warne hijau. same mcm syidaa, x mkn sebarangan. hantu add math. pon sgt jrng jumpe... huuu~~~

yana - si manje yg cantek. mate hazel die tuh...geram je tgk. redup je mate die. n asyik mengantok. haha. pun blur2 jgk orgnye. haha. sedeyh la yana kuar dr maktab awal2... whuu~~~ lagi lame amat x jmpe.

syuhi n yati - pendiam yg lemah lembut... pun lame amat x jmpe korang!!! rindu sgt3!!!

hurm. da x tertulis... ape pon. rndu sgt korang. n yg dkt oversea tuh, cpt2 la blk mlysia. huhu... sayang korang sume sgt2. tk care n do keep in touch. muahhh3!!! =]

May 3, 2009

playground with 5 heroes

today. i've spend a lot of time with my family.
i mean, big whole family. with mama ngah, abah ngah, kak lin,
cik, mama, me, kema, kak long, auntie, and other 5 heroes...
we went to pasar tani, breakfast, lunch as well.
and, in the evening, we went to the nearest playground.
and had fun there. with some ice cream.

i love this pic the most.
just look at how happy danish was. =]

mama with my 21-years old cousin.

1st son of kak ngah

2nd son of kak long

and owh. today - 2nd may 2009
yesss!!! no 'P' anymore. finally. =P

May 1, 2009

received call - 1st love

29th april 2009

i've got a phone call. 2:48am. x silap, time tuh baru je few hours terlena. huu.
its KT [kenangan terindah]. my 1st love. wawawawa~~~ then. lucky him,
sy x silent hp mlm itu. huhu. at 1st, die call hp lg 1, but since hp tuh mmg da rosak.
and just vibrate, 4 sure la sy x dgr pape. then die call hp lg 1, baru sy angkt.
angkt. and terus dr baring, sy ddk atas katil. x mamai2 da. haha. LOL.
well. mcm biase, tanye khabar and etc. eheh. die baru abis exam. and da start cuti.
that's y skrng baru berkesempatan nak tanye kabar sy. agak lame kami mendiamkan diri.
sy sempat perli. "nape x tnggu 1 may?" and die blur2. die tanye nape dgn 1 may?
sy ckp "genap la 2 bulan x contact." wahaha. die ckp...mane ade. kan baru je contact.
time akid msk hosp hari tu? sy ckp... that was almost 2 months ago - 1 mac 2009
haha. and die mcm... "owh eh?" and we laughed. haha. he explained everything.
his bz schedule, exam, assignment etc. eheh. awk. kte taw awk bz. taw da. haha

owh. he's da only guy, yg sy gune kte-awk. yup. thats 4 sure. dr dlu sampai skrng.
and sy pernah nak panggil die dgn nickname yg kwn2 die panggil. tp die x kasi.
die ckp, pelik! haha. all rite. then. we talked, talked and talked. and suddenly...
he asked. "nape dgn blog? x leh nak bace nih?" huhu. and i was like. owh. private.
"adela. bnyk sbb private. mcm2 jd." and die tanye. "ape jd? tataw pape pon?" owh.
"its ok. kte taw awk bz. huhu." but then. i told him everything. since. u know.
i just can hide nothing from him. LOL. and die marah...haha. die geram. whee~~~
sy happy n gelak dgr kegeraman die. haha. die jgk perli sy sbb x bgtaw die sume nih.
wawawa. bkn la awk!!! kte taw awk bz. seriously. lgpon. tah. mls nak kaco awk.
but skrng kan awk da taw sume kan? eheh. x de la sume. kte pon cite basic2 je.

and ade 1 part tuh... sy ckp...
"awk. mama ngan kambink [TTM] kan. pun pelik n tanye kte. awk x contact kte ke?
sbb slalunye awk akan at least tanye kabar kte ble awk taw kte x ok.
slalunye awk taw sume tu pon ble awk bace blog kte. tp. awk diam je...
[fyi, 1st love nih ske bace blog sy senyap2. hee. dr sini la sy taw die jage sy]
die org pun pelik. kte pon entah. ckp tahlaaa. awk bz kot. then mama.
leh ckp dkt kte. qila, da lah tuhh...die da btol2 lupekan awk la tuh.
waaaaaaaaaaa... terdiam kte taw x?"

and die ckp... sambil gelak
"mane de lupe. just bz je..."

and i was like. okay. haha. and as usual, he asked me bout TTM. hurmmm...
die agak terkejut dgn few of perubahan TTM nih dr segi mase and layanan dkt sy.
die kate baguslah, since TTM da makin berubah, in a better way.
and die nak g umrah by d n of may. owhhh. bestnyer. wawawa...
awk awk awk!!! tlg doakan utk kte blh? tlg doakan kte berjaye n bahgie dunia akhirat.
n jmpe jodoh yg baikkk n blh bimbing n bahgiekan kte dunia akhirat jgk.
tlg eh awk? jgn lupe taw!!!

huuu. and owhhh. sy ade jgk ckp dkt die. "kambink ade ckp nak jmpe awk..
.tp kte pon cam tataw la ble. and kte pon ckp x yahla. nak buat ape? wawawaa"
and dgn lajunye die ckp "kte nak jmpe die" hukkkk. terkejut jap.
sy ckp, "nak buat ape? xyahla." and die ckp. "saje. x blh?" huhu.
n TTM plak ckp... "sy nak jmpe jgk org yg pernah jage awk"
owh la la. sy yg cuak kalau mereka ni benar2 jd jmpe nnt. huu. serius cuak.
haha. x pelah. biarlah mereka borak2. sy gi main sorang2 jauh2. okay? =P

hurm. bnyk jgk yg d borakkan. dr 2:48am tuh til 3:53am. hee. itu pun stop.
sbb hp die bttry low n charger die pendek n die mls nak charge sbb nak baring. LOL.
okay. sy pon time tuh duk pk, ade yg x ckup tdow kang. haha. letak.
but then. pas kul 4am tuh, x leh tdow plak. grrr~~~ owh owh owh.
tp sy happy. sbb die call. thanks awk sbb call kte!!! 2nd day awk cuti~ eheh.
and mmg sy bgtaw TTM, die call. biar TTM taw ade org still care ttg sy. haha.
sgt x matang sy d sini. hua3... ape pon. erm. sy happy. yer sy happy die call.

n awk, thanks sbb slalu ambil berat ttg kte. eh. x dela slalu. tp kte taw.
awk mmg jage kte lg. diam2. kan? hee. thanks thanks thanks.
u know u're the sweetest guy ever rite? eheh. and owh. mama n abah.
ble kte sampaikan salam awk. sebok laaa duk tanye ble awk call pe sume.
haha. i know they miss u. awk pon taw mama plg syg awk kan? eheh.
erm. ape pon. again. from the bottom of my heart, thank u. =]