Apr 5, 2009

special post, love.

this is a special post for a senior-friend of mine. =]
and also dedicated to everyone who feels "SEPI".
and this is, what came from the bottom of my heart.
based on my true story, and opinion and experienced.

i need love. u need love. they need love. ppl say, "u can run but u cant hide". if u wanna be the greatest cheater ever, go on. but u just can't lie 2 ur heart. heart. only u n god know the truth. yes. it's only between u n Him. no on else knows the truth even when u said "i swear sweetheart,i'm telling u no lies, in fact, only the truth. trust me baby. u know i love u". GOSH. it might be the sweetest thing to be heard, but it also might be the bittest thing to taste. everyone has a secret to hide. sadness, happiness, history, nightmare & dream. u might tell the world, how happy u r 2day. but deep inside ur heart, u're bleeding. u might be the egoist person ever, to confess that u've her/him in ur heart. but some time, do u ever realize, with that attitude, u might be losing the love of ur life 4ever. they say, "once they walk away, they'll never turn back". do u, really3 happy with ur life when u've lost, the one for you? for god sake, u're pretending! u're just a stupid selfish pretender!

love is everywhere. yeah, its true. they say "hate is easy, love takes courage". u can hate anyone that u dislike. maybe because of their attitude, the bad way they treat u or perhaps u hate him/her just because of his/her physical looks,academic level & status [which is unfair & cruel]. the conclusion is, u can hate anyone u want to. and the worst part is, u might be hating the one u dont even really know & u never try to get to know them better even when u once, had a chance. that's y they also said "dont judge a book by its cover". the cover, perhaps, looks so good. so good as ur tongue taste the sweet n sour of 'asam pedas'. u fall in love with it, without knowing the truth inside of the book, the truth underneath the cover. and suddenly,after a while, u realize. the other side of the book, which is inside the book, at the bottom of it, it just so bad as u slipped into the hot fresh shit left by the old crazy dog walking down the street.

and the book with a dull, empty cover, that u once ignore might been taken by someone else that knows better. someone else who look at the book with a sincere heart. someone else who grabbed that chance to know better. someone else that... is a lot way better than u. and the saddest part is, u dont even have a chance to say SORRY n admit how wonderful, valuable that empty-looking book is. it just so pathetic, till u, urself, now realize u r such a lonely loser. "romeo n juliet" "shah jahan & mumtaz". they're not just the good-4-nothing symbol of love. it shows that, love is important. love is life. without romeo, juliet is dying. same goes to romeo. without juliet, he's nothing. we need love to complete each other. we need love to tell how much we love them everyday. we need love, to tell the world how wonderful the day is. we need love, to show the world, that ur day, is meaningful. everyday, love, in a good way, make the quality of ur life getting better and better... it just sometimes, u're too blind to see it. until. u lose it.

single society. a friend of mine once said, "one is not the loneliest number in this world!". owh yes it's not. when all the lovers in this world went out for a date, we sat at home & ate the pop corn alone. okay larh, no pop corn. we ate keropok lekor alone. when all the lovers celebrate their own anniversary, we looked at them with a mix-up feeling. we want to be like them! we want to have someone to hold and tell him/her how much we love him/her when we woke up in the morning, everyday. but some time, when u're just too blind to see, too numb to feel & too impatient to wait, u would do anything to have someone that's not even mean to be ur's. then, u broke ur heart again n again. it getting worse every time u fall in love. u keep asking urself y. why and why and why??? BUT, have u ever think, that she/he is not the one for you? that god is giving u a signal that u'll find someone better? that He is trying to make u strong and stronger than b4 and finally become that strongest person ever? and perhaps, the one for you have been waiting for you all this while, in front of ur eyes, after all the rejection and loneliness they've been through, while u're still seeking for love...


momo+nini said...

nini setuju half je la.. part romeo and juliet tu kureng sket... hehehe... cause to me romeo is just plain stupid.. just because you lost the girl, you killed yourself and make the love of your life killed herself too.. [juliet is much stupid than romeo].. if you love someone, dont you pray for their happiness? not make her kill herself too......

p/s: ini adal pendapat seorang sadis... hehehe...


momo+nini said...

can't help but agree wif u, qila..

when i go to the shopping complex, i always hate to see couples so lovey dovey with each other.. so, i pretend i do not see them and look for those who walk alone, eat alone.. hehe

but i tell myself to be patient..
in fact, very very very patient..

someday there will be someone for you..
there will be someone for me(oh really, i am being sceptical here)

just leave eveything to fate and pray hard that we will get someone who appreciate us as much as we appreciate them..

love us as much as we love them..

but in the meantime, just live our life happily and forget everything that bother us..


p/s: all the single ladies, put your hands up!

if love is a will to possess, then it is not love


ra|nbOw said...

hahahha. nini. that's true. wahaha. betol jgk tuh... but just maybe. juliet pon da hilang desire utk teruskan hidup =]

momo. owh yar dear! we need to be very2 patient. yeah!!!kte angkt tgn da nih!!! awk nmpk x? hee XD

momo+nini said...

yeay, can see you from afar.. hehe :)

.OhNora. said...

~single society?
aku la kowt tuh.
hahaha. haih xreti aku menda2 camni.
serabot2. heeee.

~4give those who hurt u badly.
aku cepat lupa tp susah nak maafkan.
lain macam kaw. kaw senang maafkan tp susah lupekan. haih.

~the truth, will always stand up right next to u.the truth, will never die.the truth. will always be the winner.
kaw taw kn ape masalah aku? aku kurang sabar. xbole nk tgu. tgu kebenaran yg xpasti bila. bila boleh ku menang uh? hukukhk.

btw. hebat entry ni.
da jelas nmpak kaw matang gler bab2 nih. xsalah aku mention nama kaw tok sambungkan entry dye.
mesti mr shah suke tgk. aku pasti!

qila. kaw taw tak. yg selalu aku cakapkan.kaw ade bakat.scriptwriter.aku selalu cakap bakat = wang! jual bakat kaw.tjuk pada pn zura.yg mmg hebat bhgn scriptwriting.mana taw kaw bole jadi partner aku utk www.norakaya.com? heheheheh.


ra|nbOw said...

haha. mai. bagus3!!! XD

nora. ha'ah. ttg 4give n 4get tuh ko terblk dgn aku. wakaka. bakatku scriptwriter? da nora. aku x reti kot. seriously x reti... huhu.

Ell said...

to momo nini: am agree with u but cant when it comes to romeo n juliet parts. Okies, let me set the fact right..

Many people seen william shakespear's romeo n juliet as one fantasy, a fairy tales. but did u know, it event was really happen back thn? and why shakespears can think to create that epic so real?This is because romeo n juliet was real, a living people. a naive one.

Romeo n juliet are not stupid, eventho certain people think dat way, i cant help it to make it clear to everyone but romeo n juliet are the symbol of love, passionate, affection, a mere naive. Their life n love back than wasnt influnce by sex, party, etc.

The only code of life; one love.they obeyed. So that was happen. Romeo and juliet are meant to be together despite of different quo n level. Romeo are made for juliet made for romeo. So when one of them cant be with the other half, the life was already useless, pointless and meaning less.

Juliet was not stupid, she eventually not kill herself, but taking a sleeping pill as for her an escapade to be with her love one.but romeo think the other way so romeo actually sat with juliet dying body for one whole week, sulking for juliet death. and one point, romeo said, his love was no boundries for juliet, both of them should live nor both of them should die as if they will be together.so romeo sipping a drop of poison rosesberry.and before his dying minutes, juliet rose from her faux death, romeo was shock but it was too late for him and realize that her way was cause romeo's life, she went sipping too.

so momo nini, they not a plain wrecked stupid people, but that's the way of life back then. one man for one gal. dont u wish u had one like that?

they just merely plain naive.

Ell said...

To qila: thanks for responding and a hell of good one too..love your writing, i read it twice now.heheheheh.asking for permission to take ur writing material and post it to my blog.can aa?

.OhNora. said...

mungkin kan ade perbalahan pendapat ya d sini kelak?
heee.. bile sasterawan da mule berkarya..
go go go.. :)

momo+nini said...

to ELL: their love was as pure as white huh? naive huh?

i thought shakespeare never been to Venice? he only knows Venice from what people told him... u ought to know what a great writer shahespeare is.. in "the merchant of venice" he can easily created an imaginary place called "Belmont"...

let see, romeo and juliet met at a party held by juliet's dad. he fell in love with her beauty first. on their first encounter, they kissed without even knowing each other name. they got married without the consent of neither parents. dont all this reflect their stupid actions?

let compare mr romeo here and my favourite character in "pride and prejudice", mr darcy...

mr darcy didnt kiss eliza... mr darcy fell in love with eliza's characteristics, eliza's level of knowledge [how eliza is not like the women in her time that are beauty concious and all they think about is marriage and men]... mr darcy confessed his love to Eliza. And Eliza rejected him because of the prejudice that she had on him. but he remains polite and composed to her. he only then write a long letter explaining all the prejudice that people had for his pride and at the end of the letter wished for Eliza's happiness... Then, when Eliza's family was in a great threat of humiliation, Darcy came to the rescue but kept it as a secret. upon knowing this matter, Eliza met darcy and thank him. And darcy as a gentleman never asked eliza to return his favour by accepting him in her life. and when eliza started to like darcy, her family was against it due to the prejudice again. but darcy again proved himself to be a true gentleman by asking for Eliza's hands of marriage from her father himself. and they only got married after they had the consent of the two families. WHAT A GUY DARCY IS.

Darcy is indeed the epitome of a gentleman that all women yearn for.


.OhNora. said...

whoaaa dr romeo - juliet.
ke darcy - eliza.
hebat nih. teruskan2 wahai sasterawan2. panas panas panas.

Ell said...

so u have read the merchant of venice ya..hehehe..a shakespears fan i assume? real all the 118 sonnets?

yes i agree with u bout that darcy n eliza but look at the time frame? a big diff from the other. okies, here we go.

when i said bout their love wasnt influences by party n sex.. i mean it by, i dont deny there was party n sex before but the party at that time was different from what we had today.

so, u have to understand on what i already read, it was not interm of people (the romeo n juliet) involve on that epic only. but this is the way i said; the intrinsic value of human nature at there. not only for the famous RJ but as for humanbeing there. dont be fool by the version of capulet's family of RJ.They just how how status n love cant be mixed but look deep down on what they call a human value.Where people still breathing a fresh air, sipping unpoisonic water, where green is more greener, skies are whither, sun shining as sincere as they were. Mind can work properly at that time. No gigantic development. So people concentrated more to human value; love and to be loved. One man for one girl.

so here am not accusing nor defending that RJ but i am defending the human value at that time and it happen that RJ lived at that time frame.


Ell said...

correction: *i assume u already real all the 118 or 121 sonnets from him..but a good post tho nini.hehe

.OhNora. said...

nmpak semakin sengit ya pertandingan ini.
mari2 teruskan bersama2.
mono+nini. mana anda?
cepatla bersuara. suke sy melihat anda berbalah dng lect sy. hehehe :)

momo+nini said...

heheh.. nak lwn ngan lect mmg nini kalah la kot.. sapalah nini ni... just an English student yg suka membaca je...

ok, mr ELL.. you said to look at the time differences right? eventhough there are time differences, back to christanity, bukan ke kissing before marriage, marriage without consent tu x dibenarkan... the same goes in Islam...

bagi nini, cinta bukan hanya pada hati dan perasaan.. dalm cinta ada tanggungjawab...

shakespeare himself said, love is not blind but those who are in love are blind that they themselves cannot see the pretty foolies themselves commit... so, to me there is no need to be a fool in love.. that is why i called them stupid.. because i believe in rationality... in sensibility....

eventhough you are in love, remember those that had been with you before you fall in love...

before a lovers, you are a devoter, you are a daughter/son, you are a friend... keep that in mind... that is what i believe in... [sbb tu org slalu kata nini ni heartless... hehehe... slalu sgt berfikir..]


.OhNora. said...

wahahah nini sudah memberikan respon nampaknya.
mr zeff!! mana anda?
tdoq ka hujan2 nih?
bgun2 lawan semula.
enak ni. :)

momo+nini said...

ehhh.. nini bukan nak lwn ke apa... saja menyatakan pendapat je... lawan ngan mr ELL, mst la kalah... nak lwn ngan org yg lebih dulu mkn garam..

.OhNora. said...

ya2 i know.
sama la tu
lawan memberikan pendapat.
heheheh. xpa2 kita nntkan kemunculan beliau kelak:)

Anonymous said...

masih lagi menggu wanita yg biler sy tgk dier skali pndg n then i'll know thats her... same goes to dat women.. hahaha....

momo+nini said...

faris : kalo mcm tu, bukan love at first lust ker?

Ell said...

eventhough you are in love, remember those that had been with you before you fall in love...

before a lovers, you are a devoter, you are a daughter/son, you are a friend... keep that in mind... that is what i believe in... [sbb tu org slalu kata nini ni heartless... hehehe... slalu sgt berfikir..]

i can't help myself but agree with u nini with that statement.

like i said b4, i dun even mention about religion views in here, all am talking bout is a pure human value. I want to see it in human value kind of angle. and like i said to u, i agree with u all the way whn u said bout this, bout that but not whn u objects romeo n juliet as someone stupid.

beside love makes the world go around rite? ever hear a "crazy thing called love?"

today, we r surronded by vision of ultimate love. A love that knows boundries. a love that surpasses all obstacles it came across. A love that lasts beyond the grave. This love is seen in instances like shakespear's RJ. The newest addition to the limitless number of love stories is stephanie meyer's twilight series. In this case, even the undead can have the love that we all crave.

Let's sit back for a moment and look at this from a different prspective. All these love sotries true?

Why this thing happen? when someone in love, for instance today. It might be stupid when someone commited suicide just because they cant be together, or separated. Yes, u can called them stupid/ It because world are moving too fast right now. and i do believe people are getting lost. even 9th years old boy having a baby with 13th years old gal. We been through lots of things, we seen lots of thing thnks to media, internet, papers, and the technology. Insanity streak i called.

so we been surrounding by those media that makes us more stupid then we are. everyday we are getting stupid and dumb.So dat y couples are then to think, i fell for her because of her smile (and also because i can rub her or mybe have sex with me). Love at the first lust like u said.

is our green are getting greener? are the skies is getting whiter? or are we sipping the fresh air? No. definitely no. even if u r in suburban area. There is always no. The possibility of sipping the fresh air in the world nowadays is 21%. everyday got pollutions, everyday we heard bout new pollution.

so from what we have seen on the media, there is come a porn movies, horror movies shows people hanging themselves because of frustration and stuff. So a love birds today are stupid but not RJ

They are the best example of fresh people. A monoist. A devoter,a true lover and also a dreamer. Their act are based on their mind and their mind clearly not been influenced by any of these media thingy like what we have now. So i defended their act not as dump but as a naive.

same goes in bible. Adam n eve; ate the apple because of devil's whisper. are they dumb?no, because adam n eve no nothing bout devil.

Same goes dgn anak adam dan hawa. membunuh adik sebabkn hasutan syaitan. Adakah itu bodoh?tidak, sbb mrk tak kenal sapa syaitan tu. just ikut kata hati.

nini, u english student from which uni? TESL r u?

.OhNora. said...

oh mr zeff sudahpun menyatakan pendapatnye mengenai religion pulak.
ok, semakin positif ya. gud2.
mr zeff + nini. hee selamat menjadi sahabat blogger! :)

momo+nini said...

well, yeah... nowadays we are fed with love stories that seem to be romantics and so on.. but then it is back to the individuals to retionalize their action... some people may think that their action symbolize true love, but to me no.. thats is all i am saying... hehehe... nini x pandai nak debate psl religion ni pon... masih cetek g berbanding momo.. hehehe...

yup, TESOL student in Institut Perguruan Temenggong Ibrahim, JB... buat twinning kt sini... hehehe

ra|nbOw said...

great. cool. i like~ =]

and sume english bapak gempak...
malu seketika.

**tutup muka ketat2**

nurshafinaz maruai said...

bbe.i read this one already yesterday.

sambutan yang sangat menggalakkan.

he3.*tutup muka ketat2 gak ah*

ouh.saya tidak mampu berbahasa inggeris seperti mereka di atas..

thanks a lot sayang.the last para!those deep thoughtfullness quotes.
i have feeling that it was written for me.

one is never the loneliest number because,she will be followed by all numbers in the world.without her,the other number are nothing.

ouh ho.

nak bg contoh gak!!

chuck and blair.


momo+nini said...

fuyooo... peminat Twilight and Gossip Girl... sama la kita...


Ell said...

oh a tesl student. no wonder u know bout that merchant of venice.hehehe

a nice arguing with ya nini.. and also those who read this comments, please drop by at my page : admanlife.blogspot.com

sorry my english was not so gud.

Ell said...

cik nora ni jadi pengadil ya? to rainbow, jgn tutup muka ketat2 sbb sy pun segan. nini tu tesl student.she's the one yg english power. i just merapu jer

momo+nini said...

hehehe... i might be a tesl student, but then u are the lect... mana mungkin saya lebih handal dari seorang yang bergelar pensyarah.. budak baru belajar.. my english is not that good either... momo is better than me...

.OhNora. said...

erm nmpaknya peserta2 kita telah berjaya menamatkan sesi perdebatan ini dengan cara yg baek ya.
bagus2. sy suka cara org seni ni berkarya. sangat pro ya anda. hikikhik.
qila, sori nyibok jadi pengadil kat blog kaw. hikhik. tp menda positive.bole + knowledge. aku xpernah taw pon kisah dalaman romeo - juliet. darcy - eliza tu. haihh. sgt berguna ya. heee.
tenkiu2 ya peserta2 yg membantu lect sy ini. sile amik hadiah pada beliau d admanlife.blogspot.com.
hahahahahhaha :)

tamat kisah ini. hehe. :)

Farhi said...

lol..sape yg SEPI tuh??ahaha

ra|nbOw said...

finaz. u're most welcome.

ayak. hahahhaha. sape yg sepi tuh? buekkkk XD