Feb 17, 2009


since blog ini tibe2 je blh upload pics.
and tibe2 je blh tgk pics...
maka sy upload pics2 ini! lame da nak upload.
tp x boleh. haih~ macam2.

this is shafinaz.
1oth feb lalu, kami dating lagi.
di mid valley. since hari tuh jmpe jap sgt.
and finaz bwk sgt bnyk souvenir utk sy.
shuke3!!! plg shuke. bnde bulat2 n bnyk2 nih.
mcm dkt pics. huu~~~ comel gile.

tgk bride wars.
manicure. enjoyed gelato fruity.
window shopping.

thanks, 4 everything.
i do really3 appreciate it.

the only person i called babe

gelato oh gelato!!!

baru pas manicure. haha.

i've got all these from shafinaz.
it's from russia and bali.

4 everything.


ainaaamira. said...

sangat3 comel bnde bulat2 tu! serious! heeee.

shafinazmaruai said...


thanks for all those sweet memories.

move on with ur life.

we r friends and will always be one but,it may not be the same as before.

so sorry for i had to hurt u.
just want to make things clear.

u r the one and i'll never ever found someone just like u.

u take care! =)

ra|nbOw said...

haha. taw x pe ainaa. daku excited gile dpt bnde tuh! =]

i still. taking my time. to heal myself. thanks to u, not me 4 all those sweet memories. u. take care too.

syakey said...

uih. kuku kilat2.


ra|nbOw said...

hahaha. kilat sampai leh tgk reflection gigi! x yah gune cermin! XD