Feb 22, 2009

da beginning of my holiday

1st. i'm okay... while typing this, i'm totally fine. owhh...x jd tdow. entah. pdhal baru ckp dkt akid, da nak tdow. maaf akid. x jd tdow. kalau tak blh lepak jumma skali kan? eheh. erm. cmne td? best teh o ais ko? wahahaha...akid x minum ais kosong mlm nih =P lately. a lot of things yg dah well planned, x dpt nak d-follow. most of the things, x jd. huhu...nasib badan. hidup x selalu indah. but its okay. indahkanlah sendiri hari anda. haha...

last friday, ayie + kambink ajak kuar if free. i've to say no to both. cuz on sat, da janji nak teman mama. went to pasar tani + masjid jamek + jln tar. and sunday [2day] should b going to mid. doing some survey. but it's last minute canceled too. since ayie is going back 2 perlis 2day, 4 sure x sempat nak jmpe die. he said, april maybe. okay. hope so. x sabar nak dpt souvenir from japan =P kambink plak. as usual. extremely bz with his work + friends. so, da tanye td. esok nak jmpe ke x since survey tuh x jd. still, no answer. pagi2 bute time org tdow aderla hp yg bernyanyi - nyanyi. whuuu~~~ so. dunno yet what's the plan 4 2morrow. perhaps. just stay at home.

this upcoming monday, 23rd feb. should be seeing khalida. and, PAPP! cancel! going 2 meet her on 26th. but, its still pending too~ tuesday 24th feb, so far so good. going to meet fatin a.k.a adeq. wed 25th feb, ili can't make it. and it would be replaced on 6th march. this weekend. between zaid n khairi. khairi wanna meet me on 28th. so do zaid. dunno yet. since wan tataw lg blk ke x.
zaid. aku umpan wan suruh blk, die jual mahal! huhu...
confirm kah anda kte akan berjmpe this weekend? =P
hurm...macam - macam kan? life owhhh life.
kita hanya merancang. tuhan yg menentukan.

actually. a lot of things happened lately. yup. i wanna shout it all out. but still. waiting 4 the right time. i mean. the right time 4 me. to spend my time, and write it with a rational thinking. yup. its a long story. so, its gonna take a long time. so. later maybe. dont worry. i'm okay. and i really mean it. just. i wanna explain. and make things clearer than b4. and then, thats good enough 4 me.

anyway. thats all 4 now kot... hehe.
good nite. sweet dream. take care. be happy. tata.


{~...iniakid...~} said...

teh o panas ok,teh o ais 1-20..
aku le spend singgit jer.xle lebey2..

heh.ko patut cari sorang manager
uruskan schedule ko.
banyak yang amat.
yg busy karang manager ko.
ko xbusy.
bayar ais kosong sudah kat die.

Farhi said...

nescafe o ais!!ahahahaha

ra|nbOw said...

hahahaha. gile~ nak genap singgit gak tuh! =P wakakaka. erm. haha. manager? bnyk duit aku!!! hahahaha.

wakakaka. ini bukan jumma @ ali b =P

.OhNora. said...

bz macam obama!
wekkkkkk :)

ra|nbOw said...

wahahaha. obama jgk jd mangse~