Jan 15, 2009

don't break it

I don't wanna b da girl who has to fill the silence
The quiet scares me cuz it screams the truth
Plz don't tell me that we had that conversation
I won't remember. save ur breath. cuz what's the use?
I dont know if i can yell any louder.
How many times have i kicked you outta here?
Or said something insulting?
I'd conjure up the thought of being gone
But I'd probably even do that wrong
I try to think about which way
Would I be able to and would I be afraid
Cuz I'm bleeding out inside
owh. I don't even mind...

I can be so mean when i wanna be
I am capable of really, anything
I could cut u into peices
But my heart is broken.
When it's good, then it's good. it's so good.
till it goes bad. Till u're trying to find the u that
u once had. I have heard myself cry. never again.
It's all ur fault. u called me beautiful. u turned me out
And now I can't turn back. I hold my breath.
cuz u were perfect. but I'm running out of air.
and it's unfair...

I'm trying to figure out what else to say
what else could I say? To make u turn around.
and come back this way.
I feel like we could be really awesome together
So make up ur mind cause it's now or never.
I would never pull the trigger
But I've cried wolf a thousand times
I wish u could feel as bad as I do
I have lost my mind. myself. my soul...

When the spark has gone and the candles are out
and the song is done and there's no more sound
whispers turn to yelling and I'm thinking...
I'm always sentimental when I think of how it was
when love was sweet and new and

we just couldn't get enough
u know it gets so sad when it all goes bad
and all u think about is all the fun you've had
and all those "sorry"'s

ain't never gonna mean a thing
Now do we stay together cuz

we're scared to be alone?
We got so used to this abuse it kind of feels like home
but I just really wanna know...

Normally I'm so strong
I just can't wake up on the floor
like a thousand times before
knowing that forever won't be
it wouldn't be forever...


Miss Nora89 said...

ini english.
full plak tuh
kaw marah la nih?
relax ok.
b strong.
aku ade tok kaw.
setia tok kaw.

shafinazmaruai said...

u knape?
cm marah sangat jew.
slalunye klu u mrh sgt,u akn ckp ngan i.
u tk cre aeh.

ra|nbOw said...

huhu. wahaha...
erm3. when i speak in english.
could b just too sad.
n also too mad. haha.