Jan 4, 2009

all about us

u're my number 1 in this world.
yup. beside my family, u're the no 1.
from the 1st moment we become FRIENDS.
until now. even u're a million miles a part.
i love u. more than u know.
yup. that's what i keep telling everyone i love.
and i really mean it.

gosh...i miss u. every moment i breathe.
do u still. feel da same way?
do u still remember all da time we've been through?
with ur family, i feel warm & save.
i remember the moment i hug u.
and the moment i laugh at u.
especially when u're running away from a cat~ haha.

i remember when we're eating 2gether.
i'll finished my food 1st, as usual. hee...
we love the same things. but also.
we're different in a few aspects.
my taste and ur opinion it's a lil bit different.
but thats how we completed each other.
and do u still remember...
how addicted we're to PINK? haha.

everything has to be in PINK.
than. we love to eat a perfect well known food.
must be da delicious one!
we dont mind to spend our money on it.
and spend half of the day at the spa.
doing facial, and new haircut.
u said u're not good in driving. oh dear.
i'm a lot worse than u. haha...

remember how we love to talk on the phone?
then still SMS, comments, and ym.
until my dad keep mumbling bout it. haha..
n what i've told him,"its my best friend!"
"not my boy friend!" daaa?
boys come and go. best friend? they stay.
with u. all the time. no matter what happened.

in fact. it just the matter of time.
who changes everything. but.
above all this. it will never change 1 thing.
our friendship. its not just 4ever.
but its 4evermore.

i love u.
more than u know.


shafinazmaruai said...

most appreciated!

thanks btw for those warmthly written memories..

i just thought u forgot me.

i guess i'm wrong.

ra|nbOw said...


that would b the worst thing ever happened.

and the last thing ever happened. even if i die.

thanks to u too. =]