Oct 12, 2008

i'm okay ;]

kenyang sudah perutku. hehe. alhamdulilah. best sungguh rasenye dpt makan nasi putih + ayam black pepper! with soya bean. best. i'm addicted to black pepper. haha. baru balik dr carre4 wangsa maju td. i went there with my dearest housemate! [except salghee. she's having a long holiday. hoho] hurm. back to normal again. memule td terase sedikit homesick. haha. mcm time duduk asrama dulu. aiyooo. maybe sbb rase cpt sgt mase berlalu. friday - saturday - sunday.

friday - saturday - sunday

i did ym with;
  • conflict lovers! a.k.a maii! XD
  • ilyas kambink debab.
  • adib
  • shahli
  • shakir
  • wan acad
  • adi aslah
  • syidaa d12
  • fais
  • ++ those who i can't recall...

friday - teman mama shopping with auntie nor!
saturday - beraya rumah afiq. rumah su. rumah teh ani.
sunday - lunch with family. balik apartment. =[[ [miss my family] went out to carre4.

kak long with armani; her youngest son.

the view from 29th floor; the ani's house

abah & kak long; kenduri makan! XP

p/s; BABE!!!

where've u been? aiyoo. it's been a while since kte contact2! wahlaa. comment pon u x reply. ishhh. ke mane kamu menghilang sygku? time i on9 ym, u x de. aiyoo. tnggu lame tau. bile u on9, i plak x de kot. hee. anyway. miss yaaa!!!


shafinazmaruai said...

so sorry.
been damn busy.
x sempat pun nk reply ur comment.
hope u not mad at me.
yesterday been soo tiring.

ra|nbOw said...

oh ho. all rite then!
same2 kte membz kan diri! =D

conflict lovers said...

cik qila..hope u r in d pink of healthh..thanks 4 that day..mai je xbz2..do pray 4 me tau..all d best in ur future undertaking..i'm lucky to hv a friend like u..:)

ra|nbOw said...

maii. its ok. u're most welcome. insya allah kte sme2 berjaye! hehe.
i'm lucky too, sbb jmpe org yg kuat cam maii =]